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Shop Update Day

Yikes! Sorry for that little server outage. Nice timing, huh?

I’m working on a shop update that will be ready at 2 pm. EST. Sarah sent loads of delightful handspun and I’ve been dyeing my heart out. There’ll be Sock, Fat Sock, Tough Sock, my new BFL Sock, and BFL and Corriedale wool spinning fibers.

*shop away at 2 pm*

*see it all on Flickr*

The new BFL Sock is a 4 ply fingering weight spun from superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool. BFL is a longwool breed, which means this yarn is stronger than the Merino I use for Sock. It’s still nice and soft and has a lovely soft sheen. It’s a nice addition to the sock yarns I carry. This yarn would definitely be nice for lace knitting, as well.

See you at 2!


MA Sheep and Wool

Who’s going?

*Carolyn’s looking for you!*

Is anyone planning a blogger meetup? If not, then let’s plan one!

Baby Hat Info:

Things are moving forward in the baby hat translation publication. I’ll definitely point you in the right direction as soon as that happens. The knitting of the actual hat has been disastrous. I’m on try three, but I think I’ve got it figured out now.


Norwegian Baby Hats and Fiber Club

Over the years, I’ve seen a particular type of baby hat over and over without ever finding the pattern. There was always a reference to an old magazine or book from ages ago, but never anything I could find, let alone read, as the pattern always seemed to be Norwegian or Swedish. Well, I did find it, finally, and it was in Norwegian, but Kelly Sue asked Susann, who asked Theresa and by golly, I have a translation. It was pretty roundabout, since I know everyone involved and could have emailed Theresa, myself. :P We’re working on getting permission to post it in English, because SERIOUSLY, have you ever? I didn’t think so.

I’ve got one started in Herbal. It’s sport weight, and the pattern calls for fingering, but I’m knitting the smallest size in hopes it fits at the same time the matching baby pants do.

It’s lovely in the Herbal Fat Sock, but this is what I’ve got my eye on for others. Oh, yeah, two color pointy striped baby elf hats.

On an informational note, I am not having a baby. Kelly Sue is, though, and that’s all the excuse I need to lose my mind and knit 74 baby things. Kelly Sue, leave a drawer empty for all the stuff I send!

Fiber Club:

The whole of the fiber club has shipped for May and I’ve posted details over at the club’s blog.

I spun up a LARGE sample (a little larger than actually shipped to the club members), because I’ve been thinking about more Baby Surprise Jackets.

So as not to ruin the fiber club surprise, you can see the yarn by clicking here.

6.3 oz., 360 yards
two ply
worsted weight
worsted spun, but softly

Now, to spin a companion yarn. What do you think? Pluot? B r o o k l y n t w e e d, I’m talking to you, in particular.