Norwegian Baby Hats and Fiber Club

Over the years, I’ve seen a particular type of baby hat over and over without ever finding the pattern. There was always a reference to an old magazine or book from ages ago, but never anything I could find, let alone read, as the pattern always seemed to be Norwegian or Swedish. Well, I did find it, finally, and it was in Norwegian, but Kelly Sue asked Susann, who asked Theresa and by golly, I have a translation. It was pretty roundabout, since I know everyone involved and could have emailed Theresa, myself. :P We’re working on getting permission to post it in English, because SERIOUSLY, have you ever? I didn’t think so.

I’ve got one started in Herbal. It’s sport weight, and the pattern calls for fingering, but I’m knitting the smallest size in hopes it fits at the same time the matching baby pants do.

It’s lovely in the Herbal Fat Sock, but this is what I’ve got my eye on for others. Oh, yeah, two color pointy striped baby elf hats.

On an informational note, I am not having a baby. Kelly Sue is, though, and that’s all the excuse I need to lose my mind and knit 74 baby things. Kelly Sue, leave a drawer empty for all the stuff I send!

Fiber Club:

The whole of the fiber club has shipped for May and I’ve posted details over at the club’s blog.

I spun up a LARGE sample (a little larger than actually shipped to the club members), because I’ve been thinking about more Baby Surprise Jackets.

So as not to ruin the fiber club surprise, you can see the yarn by clicking here.

6.3 oz., 360 yards
two ply
worsted weight
worsted spun, but softly

Now, to spin a companion yarn. What do you think? Pluot? B r o o k l y n t w e e d, I’m talking to you, in particular.

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  1. Jen

    The hat is adorable. I made one like it 20+ years ago when I was learning to knit from patterns as an exchange student in Sweden. I’ve thought of that hat often, and would love to make more if you can traslate the pattern!

  2. loribird

    Aw, what a cute hat! It’ll look great in that yarn. Isn’t it a similar pattern to Elizabeth Zimmernman’s Ganomey hat? (Knitter’s Almanac)

  3. emily

    OMG! I’m at work now, so I can’t really react to that photo like I would ordinarily…but that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see yours! (gotta love that whole knit-blog + ravelry networking ability to track down and make accessible any knitterly thing possible—way to go 21st century!)

  4. Urraca

    This shape seems to be very popular in Nordic countries. Two patterns for similarly shaped hats (but knit sideways in garter stitch) are available in English at Garn Studio / Drops Design site: (scroll down)

    PS: BTW, three weeks ago I answered your email about using pictures of my Oslo Cairo hat (the one based on your generic Norwegian hat chart). I hope my answer didn’t get lost in cyberspace. ;-)

  5. Thalia

    Oh my gosh, the baby in the photo, with hat, looks like a little old man in the early medieval period or something like that.

    Little old wise baby face. I love it! I’d love to see the pattern if and when it emerges. :)

  6. Susann

    I’m happy you didn’t ask Theresa directly, because we had both fun translating it. Me with guessing the knitting terms and she laughing her ass off. ;)

  7. regina

    That baby hat is just too adorable. I hope I’m able to get in to the next round of the fiber club!

  8. maryse

    that hat is very cute.

    and i’m not clicking until i get my package. i’m not clicking until i get my package. i’m not clicking until i get my package.

  9. mette

    Yes, that´s the best babyhat ever! It beats the stockinette ones from garnstudio, but those are nice to (and very classic here in DK – I had one as a baby).

    Gros´ is sewn together in the back, but I know that a Danish blogger did her version on DPN´s to avoid the seaming in the neck, just an idea ;-)

  10. mette

    stockinette is “danglish” for garter stich today apparently, sorry ;-)

  11. Mandy

    Holy cow. Cute cute cute. Hurry up and get permission to post the English instructions before my littlest is old enough to make her own decisions about hats! Please!

  12. j a r e d

    Ha! I’m not used to being called out publicly… hehehe. I think I spit some coffee on my keyboard. Not the first time.

    Do you actually think I would disagree with one of your color choices? C’mon now… its great!

  13. Karen

    This hat is so freaking cute! Please please please get the pattern up quick because I have a baby at my house who has to have surgery on her head, so she’s gonna need a bunch of hats quick. The prospect of knitting this hat fills me with gleeeeee!!!!!

  14. Beth

    I just stumbled up on your blog (love your yarn BTW!) and I just have to ask…no..BEG you to put up the pattern for that hat!! It is the cutest baby hat I’ve ever seen.

  15. JessZ

    Too cute. I’m working on a similar hat called Trana. It’s in one of Cornelia Tuttle’s Noro books.

  16. Supernøtt

    The overly cute baby hat is called “Devilshat” because of the pointy front. Pretty ironic :D

  17. Kelly sue

    Dude. You are AMAZING. I’m so touched I’m weepy. (Blame the hormones?)

    Little Huckleberry is apparently very excited about his new hat also — he’s been moving around like CRAZY since last night. No idea what’s up with that.

    It’s got to be the hat…

  18. Wendy

    Trying not to click through to the pictures and save my fun for Mother’s Day. Wish me luck!

  19. JulieFrick

    I like to think that the BSJ brought this jared/hello yarn fiber moment to all of us.

    And hey- for those of us not KellySue, but also due very soon to bring the baby, more patterns! More fat sock! The (little) people raise their tiny fists in agreement!

  20. Ruth

    No, I have never. And my babe-to-be would like one of those. So, yes, the pattern! pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!

  21. Deborah

    Yes, hurry! Get permission! I love it, and I agree with the comment above about making the hat before her daughter was too old to have anything to say about it! Funny!

  22. Beth

    That baby hat is awesome! I’m eagerly awaiting the pattern.

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