Scandes Mittens Pom Poms

Scandes Mittens My new pattern, Scandes Mittens, has some optional pom poms that I had a great time making.  I used the Clover 1 3.8″ pom pom maker (the pink one in the small set) and yarn left over from the mittens.  You can use pom pom makers that are two disks, as well, including homemade ones.  Colors are up to you! Scandes Pom Poms To make the pom poms, I started on one side with a layer of one color on the left and and another on the right, both in rounded hills, meeting in the middle.  I then went in and created a central rounded hill in a third color, totally filling up that side of the pom pom maker to bursting. I filled the other half with the natural yarn to bursting, cut all the threads, and tied the pom pom off.  You end up with a pom pom that’s one half happy round shapes and the other half a solid color.  So pretty! Trim to neaten and try to control yourself so you’re not trimming them down to nothing, which is something I have a hard time not doing. I leave enough of a tail to tie them on with a bow on the inside, double knotted, so they can be removed for washing the mittens. Scandes Mittens


Rhinebeck Sweater & Jill Draper Empire

I have this amazing skein of yarn and a little over a month.  Can it be done?

tealempireThis is Jill Draper Makes Stuff’s Empire yarn and it is amazing.  Go see.

I thought I really had this figured out but after talking to Chawne this morning about the properties of the yarn, I’ve got so many new ideas. This yarn is very sturdy and chubby, so I’m going for something jacket-y. I want a big tall neck, but do I want a cardigan or pullover? I think I want 3/4 sleeves. Symmetrical fronts or not? A big neck or cardigan would make it easy to put on and take off, and since I’m making outerwear, that is important.

Contenders/Ideas from Ravelry:

And Ideas from my Woolen Thoughts Pinterest board:

Damn, I love sweaters. No doubt, I’ll just make something up as I go along and hope I don’t get carried away and run out of yarn.

 Are you going?  Are you sweatering?  Do you have one of the coveted gigantic balls of Empire and know what you want to do with it?


Eternity Scarf

I love these things. I’ve made a bunch. This is my favorite, though, and it’s because of this yarn. Oh, this yarn. Crispy, crunchy, hand-dyed a crazygood color. It has the kind of body I want in a cowl that has the job of keeping me warm. It stands up by itself!

Eternity Scarf

Pattern: Michele Wang’s Eternity Scarf
Yarn: Jill Draper Makes Stuff Mini Empire in Straw into Gold colorway
Needle: 8US
Size: 58″ (measured in center section) x 9″

I made the large size on a larger needle than the pattern calls for (and if you were to do the same, you’d probably want to go bigger as I am a super loose knitter), as this is a heavier yarn. I had to cut the stockinette section short as I ran out of yarn. It’s still awesomely massive.

Eternity Scarf

I mean, seriously, look at that yarn.

My End of the Coffee Table