Shop Update Day

Yikes! Sorry for that little server outage. Nice timing, huh?

I’m working on a shop update that will be ready at 2 pm. EST. Sarah sent loads of delightful handspun and I’ve been dyeing my heart out. There’ll be Sock, Fat Sock, Tough Sock, my new BFL Sock, and BFL and Corriedale wool spinning fibers.

*shop away at 2 pm*

*see it all on Flickr*

The new BFL Sock is a 4 ply fingering weight spun from superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool. BFL is a longwool breed, which means this yarn is stronger than the Merino I use for Sock. It’s still nice and soft and has a lovely soft sheen. It’s a nice addition to the sock yarns I carry. This yarn would definitely be nice for lace knitting, as well.

See you at 2!

6 Responses to “Shop Update Day”

  1. Jamisyn

    Yay!! I just ordered some beautiful fiber. I’ve always loved your fibers but have never been able to get to it in time! Thank you so much, I cannot wait to receive it!

  2. shadkitty

    I want to get some of the fat sock to do the little Norwegian baby hat. Just finished my own little version done with some handspun today! It went really quick.

  3. Ann K.

    The server hiccup wasn’t too bad.. I thought it was my puter at first! All turned out well.

    Can’t wait for your next update! Can I just have an automatic shipment sent to my house?

    Oh yeah.. I also tagged you. Yep. Stop on by to see what for! It’s this.. or you owe me yarn. My choice. Or the lovely EZ baby sweater you made.


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