MA Sheep and Wool

Who’s going?

*Carolyn’s looking for you!*

Is anyone planning a blogger meetup? If not, then let’s plan one!

Baby Hat Info:

Things are moving forward in the baby hat translation publication. I’ll definitely point you in the right direction as soon as that happens. The knitting of the actual hat has been disastrous. I’m on try three, but I think I’ve got it figured out now.

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  1. Cirilia

    Yes! That! Jenna and I are definitely going and I’m working on convincing some other Western Mass bloggers to come.

  2. weaverknits

    I was just at New Hampshire this weekend, and will be at the Maine Fiber Frolic in June. Is anyone planning on going to the frolic?

  3. Crystal

    You gotta be kidding! I can’t go to the MA Sheep Happy Fun Times :( That weekend there is so much going on in the knitting-verse and I will be on the Canadian West coast visiting my family. *sigh*

  4. Carolyn

    Haha! I’m gonna get you!

    I can’t wait for our trip. I need to figure out our timing, and if we will go directly to the fair or go to the hotel to unload first. Since the fair is on the way to the hotel maybe we should head straight to it. That way we can arrive in time for a 12 or 1pm meetup. If we don’t go to Webs first, that is. ;)

  5. Jennifer

    Can I just send my paycheck? I see about 10 vendors I would like to go and visit!

  6. Anja

    If you need more help with the translating bit, feel free to email me (Norwegian born and bred). I’m going to have a go at the hat myself soon hopefully, except that now I’m a little worried :)

  7. Katy

    Hey, Macoco clued me in that you were asking about/planning a blogger meet-up at MA sheep & wool. I organized one last year, just posted on my blog a few days ago to get suggestions on place & time. Let me know & we can all publicize it!

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