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Finished Object- Baby Pants

These were such a fast knit I’m busting them out only after they’re finished.

*held by man hands to accentuate tiny adorableness*

Pattern:Alison Hansel‘s Baby Bell Bottoms (great pattern)
Yarn: Hello Yarn Fat Sock in Herbal- 2 skeins, with enough left over for a bonnet, hopefully
Needles: size 5 long Addi Turbo for magic loop
Gauge: 5.5 sts. per inch

I changed the gauge on these slightly, aiming for a 6 mo. size, and ended up with a 17″ waist, rather than the 16″ the pattern gives. An inch was added to the length, as well, by knitting to 11.5″ where the pattern instructs knitting to 10.5″. These were worked totally in the round, instead of knitting the legs flat and the butt in the round, since I use magic loop for everything, anyway. I didn’t even subtract the seam stitches (whoops) and where the pattern calls for binding off 2 edge stitches on two rows at the ends of the legs, I just put the 4 stitches on holders and wove them together at the end. Worked like a charm.

Who wants to knit me a pair?



I’ve been helping to test a new and wonderful knitting and crochet community for the last couple of months. It’s almost ready for its full public unveiling and Frecklegirl and Casey are taking names and issuing invites to slowly open it up. I’ve been having a blast with it, adding all of my projects and linking them to yarns and patterns, checking out who else knit the same things, and exploring other knitters’ projects. It’s a great way to organize your projects, stash, and even needles, too. Want to join? Go check out out!

ETA: Let me stress that Ravelry is free and will remain free after the testing period is over!

I totally ripped off Kelly Sue and took a screencap of my page over there so you can see how organize-y it is.


Fiber Club:

I’ll start sending off the packages to non-US members in the next couple of days, so that hopefully everyone will get their packages at around the same time. I know that’s a pipe dream, but I’ll try my best. Check in at the Fiber Club Blog and Flickr Group (and join them!) after you get your fiber. Be sure not to look there until you get your fiber, unless you want to spoil the surprise. I’ll post my spun yarn and a pic of the fiber at the blog after I’ve shipped, but I’ll do it in a popup window so you don’t have to see if you don’t want to. I think you’re going to be pleased!