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What’s Going On?

There’s been so much super secret book knitting going on lately that there is little to blog about. I’m used to recording every project here, so when I finish one and can’t share it, it’s like it’s not really finished. So sad! Blogging should be back to normal after the middle of February, thankfully. I’ve already got my next personal project floating in my head- stranded hand warmers in red and white with gnomes and pine trees and possibly mushrooms and stripes and tassels. My fingers are itching and COLD.

Yesterday was my day to order the pretty supplies used to pack orders. New colors of tissue (Dark brown! Orange!), boxes, and bags were all purchased, and then came an email that reminded me I was running out of the cards I write a thank you on for each order. The old cards were a bane, since the printer put a glossy coating on the back instead of the front, which meant my already poor handwriting was made worse by the slippery surface (if Mr. HelloYarn reads this, I’ll know because his laugh will ring out long and loud. My handwriting is a source of constant amusement for him). It’s not pretty, which you may have noticed if you’ve ever ordered from me. I was persistent, though, and used the better part of one thousand of those cards. Since I wanted to take an especially awesome photo for the new cards, I finally made the super amazing light box (heh) I’d gotten the supplies for ages ago.

Ikea Flaj box and tracing paper- total about $5

I take all of my product photos outside, out of direct sunlight, but at certain hours of the day, that perfect non-glare spot is hard to find. The frosting of the plastic of this box cuts the glare, and the paper provides a seamless, white, replaceable backdrop. It works pretty well! There’s hardly a shadow and no blinding shine on the yarn.

This is one of the darker photos I got from it yesterday, but I liked the way the little yarn tower was leaning, so out came Photoshop to rescue it.

A little lightening, a little contrast, a little erasing of any darkness around the edges, and it’s good to go.

And the postcard graphic:

*I made it into a desktop wallpaper.*

Oh, I should credit my helper, Shambles, resident yarn sniffer and wannabe photo stylist:

If I’m not blogging, I’m at least over at Flickr, so come visit!


Finished Objects- French Press Cozies

If you have a French press coffee maker, you either have a cozy or know the sadness of a tepid second cup. After a little experimentation and input from a friend with cold coffee, I’ve come up with one that makes me happy. These cozies won’t get coffee drips all down their fronts, like the velcro-on style I already had, and can be placed on the press before the pot is plunged, helping to keep the coffee that much hotter.

Want the pattern? Hate math? I’ve done it for you. *French Press Cozy- PDF*

The pattern takes about 90 yards of bulky weight yarn and is a great way to use up leftovers.

PS: I think this is the first time I’ve remembered to use my little labels. Aren’t they cute?