Finished Objects- French Press Cozies

If you have a French press coffee maker, you either have a cozy or know the sadness of a tepid second cup. After a little experimentation and input from a friend with cold coffee, I’ve come up with one that makes me happy. These cozies won’t get coffee drips all down their fronts, like the velcro-on style I already had, and can be placed on the press before the pot is plunged, helping to keep the coffee that much hotter.

Want the pattern? Hate math? I’ve done it for you. *French Press Cozy- PDF*

The pattern takes about 90 yards of bulky weight yarn and is a great way to use up leftovers.

PS: I think this is the first time I’ve remembered to use my little labels. Aren’t they cute?

26 Responses to “Finished Objects- French Press Cozies”

  1. elizabeth

    Your labels are great! I hate it when my coffee gets cold, therefore my press goes unused most of the time. I think I’ll dig it out from the back of the cabinet!

  2. larissa

    Wonderful! Adrian, how funny, do you know that a french press cosy is one of our book patterns? It’s really different, but designed for the exact same reason–that tepid second cup.

  3. Genevieve

    Your pattern looks fabulous! Figuring out a cosy for my french press has been on my to do list for ages.
    Thanks a bunch,

  4. Mary G

    Great — now I’ve got yet ANOTHER project to do….I love the fp but hate the speed with which it cools; this is perfect!

    And, the labels are wonderful….

  5. Sally R.

    Ok. So this has nothing to do with this particular pattern. I can’t help it! I just found this blog, saw the chipmunk/oak mittens and insect sweater and had to post. Do you make patterns for people? I want a pattern for a Norwegian Elkhound (it’s a dog!)design I can use on mittens. Any interest? Sally R.

  6. Cheryl

    Is that a red bodum french press? I have a similar looking one (at least the tippy top and very bottom) that I got when I worked at Crate and Barrel ages ago.
    Looks great your your cozies and fun hello yarn labels!

  7. Arleta

    Those are the cutest little labels! Great idea, the hotter the better when it comes to coffee!

  8. gwen aka tllgrrl

    i love the french press. i’ve been meaning to get another to replace the one that i broke while moving here from l.a.
    because i like my java like lava, that whole warmish-2nd-cup thing was the only problem i had with french press coffee-making. the cozy is a brilliant idea!

  9. Mary-Heather

    Well, so much for what I was knitting. Must… cast on… right away! My french press is so good to me, it deserves this cuteness. Thank you!

  10. Julie

    Your labels are too cute! I have a 2-cup French press, so I’ll have to scale down a bit, but this is a great idea. Lord knows I know the sadness of a tepid second cup!

  11. Jane

    That is so cool! I have a foodie friend who uses a French coffee press and this would be a great gift for him. I may have to go out and knit one for him.

  12. Krysten

    What a great idea! It was the perfect pattern for me to tackle last night. Thanks for such a quick, clever pattern!

  13. alison

    Thanks, Adrian! I think it’ll work for my stove-top espresso maker, too.

    Your labels are indeed adorable. :)

  14. Shannon

    Uh-oh, Larissa and Adrian! Looks like this’ll be the Year of the Espresso Cozy, then — I made one for our Interweave felt book that’s out this spring! :)

    At least we’ll all be well-caffeinated….

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