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Shop Update- and Another Tomorrow

There’s a wee shop update for you today.

handmade stuff:

Cloudless hand-dyed Sock

Pollen hand-dyed Sock
More Blue Please hand-dyed Corriedale top w/ optional spindle kit
Colorific hand-dyed BFL top w/ optional spindle kit
Dried Flowers hand-dyed Merino/silk top

If you aren’t shopping, you can see big, beautiful photos of it all in my Flickr set.

other new products:

I’ve got in new Peruvian wool yarn in worsted and chunky weights. This stuff is FANTASTIC. It’s so soft and squishy that I want to knit sweater after sweater out of it. I’ve ordered tons so I can do just that. Both weights are also available in acid dye kits. The best news about this yarn is that the price is only $10 for an 8 oz. skein.

I’ve also got in a new combed wool top- Corriedale- available by 8 oz. or full lb. and also in dye kits. This is a medium fine wool. It’s soft enough for next to skin wear by everyone but the most sensitive to wool, I’d say, but it’s a strong fiber. Use for items that will get a bit more wear, like mittens, sweaters, socks, etc. $8.50 for 8 oz. or $15.50 for a lb.

Lastly, I’ve added a natural Alpaca top sampler. You get 4 oz. of each of 4 natural colors of Alpaca top. 3 colors are superfine, and the darker brown is more of a medium fineness. This would be fantastic to spin up for colorwork.

Sadly, Sarah’s package didn’t arrive today, which is the first time the post has let us down. So, if it arrives by tomorrow morning, I’ll do another update with all the Maisy Day Handspun tomorrow.



Wow, that server move was (is) bad. I’m terribly sorry for inconveniencing anyone. Everything, I think, is back to normal, except the shop, where you can look but not actually purchase anything. Good times. It’s being looked at right now, so hopefully that will be resolved soon. For the health of my stomach lining, let’s hope it is.

To keep my mind off my troubles this weekend, I made some terrariums. Odd choice, since caring for plants isn’t my strong suit and I usually end up feeling terrible when I throw their lifeless corpses in the trash, but it was worth a shot. A friend turned me on to these terrariums made by Paula Hayes and that was it. This is all her fault!

moss, terrarium

moss, terrarium

*see them all in my Flickr set*

*an inspiring terrarium from Ann Wood*

My containers were all found around the house (my granola and teabags had to find new homes) and the moss was all dug up in the yard and the woods and beaches where Mr. HelloYarn takes Shambles at the weekend. The only purchases were some activated charcoal from the pet store (it’s for aquariums) and a couple of small plants. I’m no expert in this, but I can tell you how I made these. They’re still alive after 3 whole days, so maybe I even did it properly.

Choose plants that like the same treatment. Since I wanted moss, I chose ferns to go with it. Put some stones in the bottom of your container for drainage, then a layer of activated charcoal on top. The charcoal will prevent cooties (scientific term) from growing in the still water. Layer some sphagnum moss to keep the soil from getting down into the rocks and muddying the water, then put the soil on top. Put your plants in, and, if you like, cover the soil with moss. Water thoroughly. If you make a covered terrarium, you won’t have to water it much. If you don’t, you won’t need to water like crazy, since there’s no drainage, but you might have to mist, depending on what plants you chose. My open one has moss and a fern in it, so I’ve been misting it a lot and it’s not dead yet!