What’s Going On?

There’s been so much super secret book knitting going on lately that there is little to blog about. I’m used to recording every project here, so when I finish one and can’t share it, it’s like it’s not really finished. So sad! Blogging should be back to normal after the middle of February, thankfully. I’ve already got my next personal project floating in my head- stranded hand warmers in red and white with gnomes and pine trees and possibly mushrooms and stripes and tassels. My fingers are itching and COLD.

Yesterday was my day to order the pretty supplies used to pack orders. New colors of tissue (Dark brown! Orange!), boxes, and bags were all purchased, and then came an email that reminded me I was running out of the cards I write a thank you on for each order. The old cards were a bane, since the printer put a glossy coating on the back instead of the front, which meant my already poor handwriting was made worse by the slippery surface (if Mr. HelloYarn reads this, I’ll know because his laugh will ring out long and loud. My handwriting is a source of constant amusement for him). It’s not pretty, which you may have noticed if you’ve ever ordered from me. I was persistent, though, and used the better part of one thousand of those cards. Since I wanted to take an especially awesome photo for the new cards, I finally made the super amazing light box (heh) I’d gotten the supplies for ages ago.

Ikea Flaj box and tracing paper- total about $5

I take all of my product photos outside, out of direct sunlight, but at certain hours of the day, that perfect non-glare spot is hard to find. The frosting of the plastic of this box cuts the glare, and the paper provides a seamless, white, replaceable backdrop. It works pretty well! There’s hardly a shadow and no blinding shine on the yarn.

This is one of the darker photos I got from it yesterday, but I liked the way the little yarn tower was leaning, so out came Photoshop to rescue it.

A little lightening, a little contrast, a little erasing of any darkness around the edges, and it’s good to go.

And the postcard graphic:

*I made it into a desktop wallpaper.*

Oh, I should credit my helper, Shambles, resident yarn sniffer and wannabe photo stylist:

If I’m not blogging, I’m at least over at Flickr, so come visit!

25 Responses to “What’s Going On?”

  1. Stacey

    my sister would flip over gnome handwarmers! (her nickname is Gnomie)

    the new cards will look great – so creative with the lightbox!

  2. elizabeth

    The cards look great – but I loved the old ones too. Hey – I’m getting close to finishing socks out of your dyed BFL, I’ll email a pic when they’re finished, if you want to see how it spun/knitted up.

  3. michal

    The only reason why I get away with my handwriting – is that my boyfriend’s is even worse than mine. Ha! Nice postcard! And a sweet stylist too.

  4. Jodi

    Gnomes and pine trees?!?! Hurry up and finish that secret knitting; I want to see the gnomes.

    Your new cards look lovely, and I love th lightbox trick.

  5. Amy Boogie

    I always found your handwriting readable :) and I’m glad I saved one of your postcards since you wont be making more.

  6. carrie

    You postcard picture came out great! Nice work on the photo box. I’m looking forward to seeing the hand warmers. They sound very difficult =)

  7. isel

    Oooh, secret book knitting sounds very exciting!

    Thanks for making the postcard into a wallpaper too. I have your wallpapers on all my PCs (at home & work). Time for a new look. :D

  8. Julie

    Ooh! I want a gnomes-and-mushrooms pattern! :) Love the postcard picture. Shambles is very handsome (I’ll bet he hears that a lot!).

  9. cari

    Gnomes! Stripes! Mushrooms! Please say this pattern will be available at some point.

  10. ruinwen

    Pine trees, mushrooms and gnomes…sounds like an adventure…can’t wait to see it!

    Great idea for a light box! Your pics came out great!


  11. britt

    I really like how the picure turned out. Photoshop is awesome.

  12. Tamara

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos tips! I’ve always wondered how to get such perfectly white backgrounds. You didn’t have to share, but you did and I think that is fabulous! I think I’m going to have to order some more roving soon!

  13. Melissa

    Ooh the handwarmer idea sounds great! Can’t wait to see the gnomes knit up. I really like the new postcard/desktop design.

  14. jodi

    I’m so glad you liked the focaccia! Caramelized onions sound like a delicious innovation.

    I make a really basic focaccia using the same breadmaker recipe. I brush the dough with oil, sprinkle it with herbs (usually rosemary, basil, a dash of Italian seasoning, garlic salt), salt and pepper, and freshly grated Parmesan or Romano cheese.

  15. Emily

    Love the new postcards! Can’t wait to see one! Oh well, I don’t think I can go much longer without placing an order anyway! Well, at least I have to wait till February ’cause I’m already using the savings as it is :(.


  16. Arleta

    Oh, how neat! When everyone kept blogging about light boxes, I was thinking some big, expensive thing, but that is so cool!

    Mr. Shambles, you cutie!

  17. lisa

    That’s such a funny photo set up! But the end result is wonderful. DH has a homemade set up of 2 x 4’s and shop spot lights… for photographing pressed plants. It sits on the giant table made of a giant door that cost $5 at state surplus. And which required a $200 drill to put together. OK, to his credit, that drill has been used for many things besides the table!

  18. Monica

    The new project-to-be sounds like fun. I liked seeing the lightbox and photo-to-card transformation.

  19. HollyEQQ

    I need a light box! What a great idea!
    The yarn is so beautiful.
    And the dog it cute too.
    Happy Monday

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