Twist Collective

Everyone already knows about Twist Collective, right? It’s going live tomorrow and I’m very excited as I’ve got a pattern (well, two in one) in it.

It was a great experience working with Julia and Kate and everyone else, and I’m thrilled with how the pattern came out. If my finished pattern is any indication of the rest of the magazine, which I’m sure it is, we can expect a lushly photographed magazine full of gorgeous creations with very thorough and clear instructions.

My pattern is pretty much what you can always expect from me: something that’s got a traditional inspiration with a decidedly modern *something*. And it’s colorwork. :)

You can Ravel them, already, though there won’t be photos until the magazine is unveiled:

Faux Bois Mittens

Faux Bois Scarf

They’ll be available tomorrow at Twist Collective.

13 Responses to “Twist Collective”

  1. Chatoune

    Looks like you can see small bits of the scarf when rolling over numbers 42 and 13 from Twist Collective’s website… ^^

  2. sarah

    I am so in love with the faux Bois scarf; I’m casting on as soon as the yarn arrives. Absolutely brilliant idea.

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