Spinning a Stash

I’m still spinning away and building up a stash of handspun.

Hive Falklands

Hello Yarn Fiber Club’s April selection
“Hive” Falklands wool combed top
worsted-spun 2 ply
worsted weight
1 lb., 1008 yards

I’ve got another bobbin of singles that I’m so tempted to combine with Red Velvet, as pumpkinmama did. It would make such a nice sweater with Hive changing to Hive plied with Red Velvet changing to Red Velvet, wouldn’t it?

The Website:

It’s been acting strange, hasn’t it? I’m super lame with this website stuff (so I didn’t catch on until it was too late), and there was someone, somewhere clogging up my server with constant queries of the blog’s database. The IP is now blocked and life should resume. If you visited the site today and saw that awful Account Suspended page, I apologize. I really did pay my bill.


We really found a house and we’re moving on September 5. My dye studio needs to be built there, so it will take awhile, depending on plumbers and electricians, etc. The actual act of buying the house is taking up far more of my time than I ever conceived. I have not started dyeing the next round of the fiber club yet. I also have not started packing. I’ll keep everyone posted about it all.

*serenity now* :D

16 Responses to “Spinning a Stash”

  1. Sammi

    Oh wow, that almost matches some stuff I dyed and spun a while back! Naturally, I love it ;)

  2. stacey

    that is beautiful. i love your sweater idea – the color shifting would be beautiful!!!

    congrats on the big move! how exciting!

  3. kristin

    I kick myself for not being part of the last fiber club because I want to bathe myself in that Hive. YUM.

    Good luck with the moving! It is, indeed, horrible and complicated and living in a cardboard box starts to sound like a good idea. But that first night in your new bedroom makes it totally worth it.

  4. Spritely Stephanie

    Adrian, congratulations on the house purchase :) it’s definitely all worth the craziness – course, I totally hate the packing and moving part. I envy you your upcoming dye studio :D
    Such a gorgeous colorway you’ve spun – and it would definitely make a stunning sweater!

  5. Julia

    Ahhaha, Serenity now, Insanity later! i love that handspun, seriously pretty stuff! Good luck with your move and packing an all of it!

  6. whitney

    I’m so excited for you about the house! But you have all my sympathies on the stresses of packing and moving and getting settled into a new place.

    That handspun is seriously gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you do with it…it would make an amazing sweater!

  7. Max

    “1 lb., 1008 yards.” Those quantities sound so… MYTHIC to me! I am very much in awe of spinners. And your Hive really glows. Mmmmm!

    I am so very pleased for you about your house. It also seems mythic. You know: a little place in the countryside. A dyeing shack. Spinning by the fire. Listening to the banjo. The Good Life! I am thrilled for you :)

  8. Margot

    I love the orange. It is gorgeous!

    Good luck with the buying and moving. We just completed a new house purchase and move and Wow… I felt as though I had a one track mind and was completely incapable up accomplishing anything else for weeks.

  9. regina

    Congrats on the house,and good luck with the move! I am completely in love with the orange yarn. It’s so beautiful, and the perfect color to segue from summer into fall.

  10. Valerie

    Serenity? Just keep repeating that…

    The gradation of color from Hive to Red Velvet would be sublime and gorgeous in a sweater. Do it. DOOOWIT!

  11. Lizzie

    Yay for finding a house! I hope the move goes as well as a move can ever go.

  12. Emily

    Congrats on the house! Looks like you’ll have a nice studio when it’s finished! Can’t wait to get some more of your yarn and fiber.

    Did sign ups for the next round of fiber club start already and did I miss them? I hope not. I’ve been in from the start and want in the next round as well!

    Spun up some of your wonderfull fiber, need to post about it soon.


  13. Artsygal

    Mmmm yummy yarn. Makes me really regret that I didn’t renew fiber club when I had a chance. When are signups again? ;)

    I hear you on the moving. I’m 3 days away from moving here and not even remotely close to done packing. GAH! I really shouldn’t be surfing blogs. But I needed to look at some pretty yarn to destress for a bit.

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