Faux Bois Scarf and Mittens

Finally, Twist Collective is out and I can blab about my wooden scarf and mittens!

Boy, Twist Collective has been fun to work with. They supported me in making mittens and a scarf that look like little logs! I was also able to use a great local yarn, Harrisville New England Highland, that I adore. It’s a wonderful worsted weight tweed yarn that accentuates the rustic wood grain idea.

The pattern combines traveling stitches and colorwork, a steek, attached i-cord, sewn-in lining- all kinds of fun! These are a quick knit due to the weight of the yarn. I hope you enjoy them.

The Info:
Faux Bois Scarf and Mittens
Pattern available from Twist Collective, Fall ’08
Ravel the scarf.
Ravel the mittens.

The pattern contains instructions for both mittens and scarf.

The pattern from this issue that I just can’t get over is Anne Hanson’s Gnarled Oakwoods. It’s beyond gorgeous.

And I have to say, flipping through the pages is more fun than flipping through the Ikea catalog online, and that’s sayin’ something.

20 Responses to “Faux Bois Scarf and Mittens”

  1. Sara L

    Maybe these will have to interrupt the fiddlehead kick i’ve found myself on

  2. isabelle-c

    Great indeed !!!
    The Fiddlehead mittens were already very slow (hard !) and now I will HAVE to knit these too …

  3. Jennifer

    I saw those and thought they looked like so much fun. The entire Twist concept is amazing!

  4. whitney

    I love these so much! I will have to get some yarn to make these once I am off my “seriously, stop buying yarn, you have too much!” kick. Awesome.

  5. maryse

    the twist collective exceeded my expectations. now i wish they had a print version!

    and your scarf and mittens look great. of course.

  6. Carole

    Your pattern is wonderful and Twist Collective is a fabulous new addition to our fiber community.

  7. amy

    love your pattern! and yeah, anne hanson’s is making me swoon too.

  8. Lisa

    Congratulations on the scarf and mitten designs, they are just fantastic.

    The entire Twist Collective mag is great too. Beautiful work.


  9. Julia

    I ordered sample cards this morning! You come up with the BEST mitten patterns. I’d be first in line to buy the “mittens by adrian” book!

  10. Rose White

    First: I love these mittens, and I may even buy the pattern.

    However: I disagree strongly with how Twist Collective has chosen to organize itself. When I saw all the advertising, I thought, “Wow, that’s great that they’ve got such huge-name yarn folks on board from day one, which means that they’ll be able to pay their designers!” Then I saw the $7 price tag on a pattern, and I thought, “Oh, huh, it’s $7 for an issue of Twist Collective, well that’s not much more than an issue of a magazine, so maybe….” And then I saw that EACH PATTERN is $7 and that’s when I thought, “Wow, I have no idea what’s going on here.”

    I wish you well in your collaboration with Twist Collective — the production values are terrific, and clearly there are a lot of very talented folks involved. But I don’t understand their thinking regarding web economics; we’ll see how it goes.

  11. Mandy

    Congrats! I keep saying “wooden, woolen, wooden, woolen.” Then laughing. To myself.

    Anyway. I, for one, like how Twist Collective is organized. I buy all these print magazines for $7 or whatever they cost, and I enjoy them, but then they sit on my shelf and I usually don’t even knit anything from them. If Ravelry has taught us anything, it’s that as knitters we’re all different and we go about this knitting thing our own way. I’m glad to have another option for patterns. A beautifully photographed, well designed and oops-I-just-drooled-over-those-socks option. And maybe best of all, designers are treated like royalty. As they should be.

  12. cheryl

    Oh that set is just gorgeous!! I’m a horrible scarf knitter, but I’ve decided to knit one for the MIL… looks like this is the one!

    And what a fantastic publication Twist Collective is… Really looking forward to working through some of the patterns. ANd the photos are just yummy!!

  13. KT

    I bought your pattern, I love it so! It is going to be really fun picking fabric for the backing. Twist Collective is beautifully done- I was pretty impressed. I also bought Wisteria and Daniel. Lots of good knitting ahead.

  14. merete

    congratulations on another lovely pattern adrian. i cannot begin to say how lovely i think this is. i love the way you always incorporate nature into your knitting. you are an amazing designer and i think you have only scratched the surface. i am so happy for you.

  15. merete

    and sorry i just read the comments. i think dollars is very cheap for a pattern. over here in denmark you have to buy either the whole, say, rowan yyarn pack or the book to get a pattern. i think 7usd is ridiculously low priced. if we don’t credit designers by paying for the patterns it will end up with nobody wanting to put the effort into writing patterns. and you and jared and kate gilbert and lots of other designers have actually provided us with free patterns big time. it is about time you get paid.

  16. Shirley Isaacs

    I refound your link in my ‘list’ and coincidentally found you have some work in Twist Collective. I think this online mag. is a great resource, and look forward to the next issue.

    I also browsed “Knotions” which also has a super website and I have listed them both on my blog.

  17. Tora Consolo

    WOW, love the Twist Collective!!!! Love your mittens! Have told all in my area about both and can’t wait for the next issue!


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