Today is the Day!

Hi, folks! Thanks to all of you who have joined the potholder swap! We are so excited about this and happy to have you all participate in this swap. There is still some time left for those of you who are interested but have not joined yet. The deadline for signing up is midnight tonight.

76/2009: Cotton Crochet Practice
We’ve sent out some invites to the blog that weren’t used, so if you signed up but don’t see your name on the sidebar, please do not hesitate to email us with a link to use for you. Drop us a line at so we can update the swapper list with your name and link. We won’t be able to add you to the blog as authors, because we’ve exceeded Blogger’s limit, but we can add you to the swap and put you in the sidebar as a swapper.Regarding fiber, we are specifying wool or cotton only please. The reason being that cotton ignites at about 410º Fahrenheit, and wool ignites at an even higher temperature and has excellent insulating properties, which is a quality one would want in a functional potholder. Cotton potholders and hot pads can be thrown in the wash where as wool might require a little bit more special attention. For more particulars regarding the pros and cons of what fibers to use for potholders, please see this discussion here. For this swap, however, we need you to use wool or cotton only please. We need to do some testing as far as superwash wool goes. We suspect it might be unsafe for potholders, but we’ll let everyone know in the next blog post.

We’ll be sharing all further info regarding the swap on the swap blog. Look for posts there soon.

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  1. beverly

    I just found a bag of my grandmother’s (b. 1906)linens–embroidered pillowcases, and a ton of shade pulls that look similar to your picture!

  2. Priscilla Kelly

    This is fun! I’m almost finished with my five.Am anxious to see how many you get and pictures.

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