Crochet Mania and Potholder Swap!

If you follow me on Flickr, you know that I’ve been having a bit of a crochet attack. This time, I’m all about the hot pads and potholders, with a small side of ripple blanket.

The Swap:

It turns out the crochet attack is going around, and some of us got talking about starting up a swap for these hot pads and potholders, so that’s just what Maritza and I are doing. The goal is for each participant to crochet 5 beautiful potholders or hot pads and send them in. In return, you get 5 glorious potholders back. We’re aiming for something a little above and beyond the norm, here. We want potholders that are super kitschy and fun, or extra beautiful (handspun?!), functioning as useful objects as well as art.

We’d love to have you join our swap. To participate, please email us at Deadline to enter the swap is 3/21/09. Please join us at the swap blog, as well!

Now for the rules. They’re pretty basic, so here goes….


– hot pads/ pot holders must be crocheted
– each member will crochet 5 hot pads/ pot holders in the same pattern. Different colors are okay. (You can choose whatever pattern you want to work with and vary the colors between them, as long as you crochet 5 hot pads/ pot holders in that same pattern.)
– each pad/holder must be tagged with maker, fiber content, and care instructions
– wool or cotton yarns only please
– if you have a wool allergy please let us know so you will receive cotton hot pads only
– each pad/holder must be between 6 – 12 inches in diameter
– US swappers., you must include a USPS Priority stamp for return postage with your potholders. Non-US residents are welcome, we’ll just need to work out how you pay for return postage with you.
– have fun with this!

We’re thinking that 2 months should be enough time for everyone to finish their hot pads/ pot holders, but we’ll post an official deadline and details as to where to mail them shortly, once we have all our swappers.

For now, there are a few wonderful resources for pot holder patterns, such as Crochet Pattern Central and the Crochet & Crafts Link Index, as well as an inspiration group we started on Flickr.

Take a button! (Save it to your own server, please.)

9 Responses to “Crochet Mania and Potholder Swap!”

  1. Sherilan

    Watch out for those ripples….they are addictive. Ripples are the sole reason I learned to crochet. Have fun.

  2. Steph

    I’ve been following your crochet progress on flickr, and so many of my friends have gotten the itch to start because of you, which is great!

  3. Annepålandet

    Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while, but this is the first time I’m commenting.
    I’d love to join the swap, and have sent you an email. BUT – far as I know you can’t use WOOL in potholders, because of the heat?!?! At least that’s what I’ve always heared. You have to use cotton – it is much more heat resistant. Isn’t that right? Anyone who knows more about this??

  4. Adrian

    Hi Ann,

    I responded to your email a while ago, but wanted to post here, as well, to say that wool is very fire-resistant and burns at a might higher temperature than cotton. Wool also has great insulating properties.

    We have specified in the swap that synthetic yarns may not be used because we share the same concerns as you do. While I am certainly no expert, it seems that wool makes a great choice for trivets and potholders.

  5. Lim Hao

    Hello, I love your Gathered Scarf and would like to knit one myself. I have just started taking up knitting recently. May I know what is ‘Kfb’ in Row 13 means? Thanks.

  6. jackie

    thank you for this easy, fun and beautiful crochet pattern. As a bag/purse lover, i made this into a purse. Loved it.

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