Finished Object: Chevron Love Mittens

(Yes, that’s snow in the lower right corner. If that could go away soon, that would be awesome.)

Pattern: Chevron Love Mittens by Julia Vesper/Knitterly Things (rav link for pattern only) (kit link)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport/Knitterly Things kit in “Hello” colorway
Needles: Size 1 Addi Turbo for Magic Loop for mitten, size 3 for thumbs
Gauge: 7 sts. per inch
Started: February 22, 2009
Finished: March 21, 2009

The Knitting:

These were great fun to knit! The chart’s super easy to memorize on the first repeat, then off you go! As a tester for this pattern, I got to pick my own colors, 8 in all, which was a blast. The skeins were lovely and sitting down to fiddle around with the color order once they got here was even more fun.

The burning question may be, what to do with all those colors? I carried all them up the inside of the mitten, twisting them into a rope as I went. Every time I changed colors, I wrapped the new color around the rope to secure it. It worked great and I don’t feel the “rope” when wearing the mittens. It took some getting used to the 8 little balls of yarn hanging off the mitten as I knit, but it’s absolutely preferable to cutting the yarn and having 9 million ends to weave in, at least for me.

Fun to knit, absolutely lovely product, great yarn in great colors. What more could anyone want?

Things I Love Lately:

Milk- I sadly missed all the Oscar-type movies in the theater, so we’re getting them from Netflix. Milk was so wonderful, wasn’t it? Sean Penn was lovable, spazzy and overly excited. Who knew? I’ve seen The Times of Harvey Milk a good few times and have such affection for him, so it was wonderful to have the affection carry over into the new film.

Tilt-shift photographyI’ve made a few using this tutorial. There’s an online generator, as well. I need practice, but they’re such fun to make.

James LeFleur. I love Sawyer all cleaned up!

Everyday Food on Twitter. Just when you don’t know what to eat for dinner, some crazy sandwich is pointed out to you.

23 Responses to “Finished Object: Chevron Love Mittens”

  1. Carole

    I ordered my mitten kit yesterday. Thanks for the tip on adding the different colors – I love that idea.
    And yes, Milk was fantastic!

  2. carrie

    these mittens really are so awesome! and I also lurve cleaned up Sawyer, for reals.

  3. Mercuria

    That yarn rope is brilliant. I’m so happy to hear that you can’t feel it, and I can’t wait to try it for myself.

  4. Lelah

    Those mittens are so happy!! I love them.

    I also love Tilt-Shift lenses. I want to make my own, but I am scared to hack into an old lens. I was thinking of buying a Holga Fish-eye and making a hack for my DSLR, there’s a nice tutorial floating around on how to modify it for any Nikon or Canon. This group is for people who aren’t scared to make one (or buy one for $800!). – though they are not Photoshop friendly. :)

  5. Gudrun

    Just watched ‘The Times of Harvey Milk’ and then ‘Milk’ last night (I hardly ever make it to the cinema)….and yes they were both jolly good….still haven’t tried the tilt shift yet but it’s on my list of photography techniques to try!

    Oh…. and truly fabby mittens too!

  6. Pat

    Oh – I hope she restocks the kits – I want “Tulip Garden”!!
    Bright beautiful fun mittens!

  7. craftivore

    Your yarn rope idea is great. I’ve been admiring those mittens on ravelry and have been wondering about all the ends. Yours turned out beautifully and thanks for the detailed tips.

  8. Thea

    I don’t comment on your blog (I love it and your beautiful yarn/dogs/knitting), but I had to when I saw James LaFleur.

    I love his new incarnation, but what I love most of all is his new love interest. (SPOILER)

    I have always liked Kate, but I’m going to cut her head off if she gets between Sawyer and Juliet.
    Also, last night? I screamed like a banshee in shock.

    Great knitting, by the way.

  9. Marlena

    Love the mittens! The colors are fab. Thanks for showing the inside too. I’ve been struggling a little with some striped mittens I’m making. I hate weaving in a million ends!

    I loved Milk. I did see it in the theaters, and even knowing what was going to happen did not prepare me.

  10. gleek

    you are so fast! and i love them, of course. those chevron mittens are the bomb.

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