Shop Update Today

I’ll be updating the shop today at 2 pm EST. Sarah’s taking a break this week, so no Maisy Day Handspun, and I tried to make up for it (I made so much that Mr. HelloYarn’s winding sock yarn like a fiend as I type).

handspun shawl hello yarn
*shop away (at 2pm)*

*check everything out on Flickr*

The two speckly Merino spinning fibers are like going back to my dyeing roots. I missed the heathery 2 ply yarns I used to spin, so I got dyeing, for myself as much as anyone else. These tops will produce yarns like this and this.

The spotty superwash fiber will produce a yarn similar to this– a heathered yarn with much more striking colors.

In addition to all the fiber, there’s a shawl kit (pictured above), and tons of Tough Sock, Sock, and Fat Sock yarns in a variety of colors.

6 Responses to “Shop Update Today”

  1. Teresa

    Oh my! I wonder what my husband will think if he finds my petting the monitor right now?

  2. Julia

    Oooh, but I NEED more sock yarn!! I do! I’ve been meaning to tell you I love that last skein I got from you, and thanks you so much for that pickle sample!!!

  3. Sammi

    So gorgeous! :D Do you just mix up all your colors from the four basic powder colors, or do you have oodles of base dyes you use?

  4. natasha

    did you spin this yarn or is it commercial yarn? regardless, lovely. i love the texture! the colors…oooh la la. i say ooh, la, la!

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