Pulse Warmers

I was starting to feel like I was all talk.

 mushroom pulse warmer lamullgarn

This is going to be the simplest design of the bunch, since pulse warmers don’t give a lot of space for complex pictures. I started with these, since they’re a good way to swatch for the mittens and fingerless mitts that are coming. I thought I knew what gauge to expect, even though Lamullgarn is new to me, and I got a bit of a surprise with the 10 sts. per inch that I got, as opposed to my usual 9. Thankfully, these will get button bands, so any extra width needed can be added with those.

The yarn is a very sticky fingering wool not unlike Shetland, but with a gorgeous gloss that Shetland doesn’t have. It’s wonderful stuff, especially for colorwork.

A word of review, since I received the books I mentioned in that previous post: they’re okay. The last one on the page, Selbustrikk, is wonderful, with tons and tons of very traditional-looking, intricate patterns for socks, stockings, mittens, gloves, hats and scarves. The others are larger gauge takes on traditional patterns (a lot like Dale of Norway), which is good, but not what I was looking for.

10 Responses to “Pulse Warmers”

  1. stacey

    that pattern reminds me of Super Mario Brothers back in the day….very cute!!!

  2. loribird

    Cute mushrooms! They remind me of Nintendo Mario Brothers graphics somehow (oh look, someone else said that too…)
    I just finished a pair of mittens from Selbustrikk a little while back, and was very pleased with how they came out.

  3. Teresa

    Aww…lol, at first it reminded me of all the Mario games. These are cute, very cute. I’m excited to see them finished.

  4. Julie

    I was thinking of Mario too! I’ve always blamed Mario and Luigi for my love of mushrooms. :) What a great design!

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