New Project: Noro Kureyon Log Cabin Blanket

We have this super huge ginormous sofa that Mr. HelloYarn, Shambles and I pile into every evening to watch a movie and knit (me) and play on the computer (him). I say “into” because it’s like a bed. This new super gigantic couch demands a bigger blanket than what we are currently using, so I promptly started one. It’s about 3 feet square now, and almost starting to look like something. I’ve got a lot more knitting time now, so it should go a bit faster than 2 months = 3 feet.

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

I have 10 skeins each of 2 colors- 165 and a colorway so old I can’t find an example of it online. The dark green unknown colorway had a short life as my second ever sweater. That sweater was knit before I learned that wrapping the yarn around the needle in the same direction for both knits and purls made a biased fabric. The zipper in this Kureyon sweater went from the neck to where the side seam should be, so, after a brief mourning period, it became balls of yarn again. It stayed that way for years since it’s not the prettiest colorway, but mixed with the bold 165, it’s pretty zingy, which is just what the big brown couch needs.

Both bags were dirt cheap and it’s satisfying to think of using them all up in this one project and therefore creating some STASH SPACE! You know, that I can then fill with something else.

I feel the love for this blanket already. Isn’t it just the greatest how Kureyon does all the work?

32 Responses to “New Project: Noro Kureyon Log Cabin Blanket”

  1. JulieFrick

    I just love how Flickr gives me the heads-up on what you’re up to before it appears here. Thanks for the color jolt!

  2. Jenna

    I was also watching the photos come in on Flickr and was just dazzled by the colors. I love how the simplest projects with this yarn are the most beautiful. It does indeed do all the work – except for the knitting of 20 skeins into a huge blanket!

  3. Macoco

    The colors are amazing. The blanket will be absolutely stunning. I can’t wait for the finished product.

  4. Chauntel

    I can’t wait to see how gorgeously huge it’s going to be for your fantastic chocolate couch! That was a lot of adjectives but it deserves them. Happy Friday

  5. Cheryl

    Noro has the best and sometimes most unexpected color combinations. What an incredible blanket!

  6. Alison

    Pretty! Where do you find dirt cheap bags of Noro? I had very little luck with the “dirt cheap” part on ebay last summer.

  7. Julie

    That is so gorgeous! Kureyon is my current favorite yarn (I confess, I’m fickle, but Kureyon is currently the yarn I yearn for). Mmm, a whole Kureyon blanket…

  8. Pat

    Oh how I love Kureyon! That blanket is going to show it at it’s finest for sure!!

  9. Manise

    I love Noro Kureyon. Recently made the Kureyon scarf you blogged about- love how the colors do all of the work. The blanket is awesome.

  10. Kate

    Oh… what a nice gift to yourself!

    Now, THAT is an excellent use of the noro…

    :) kate

  11. Melissa

    It’s such a great pairing: log cabin and Noro! I really love it.

  12. Amy Boogie

    Love the blanket!
    I should just send you a grammy afghan. But then her blankets aren’t super huge.

  13. JessZ

    Oh, thats gonna be fabulous. Love that mystery colorway. I’m so jealous of all the noro afghans out there. I live in a household that is far too accident prone for a handwash afghan.

  14. Christabel

    Just lovely. Watching the colours change will make knitting it so much fun.

  15. Elli

    that’s going to be one awesome blanket! better get as much done as you can before the weather turns warm…

  16. Robin

    This is going to be a fantastic blanket!! I just love the Noro yarns and Kuryeon colors.

  17. stacey

    we have a huge cushy couch like that too that the hubby, I and the 3 dogs pile into every night (isn’t that the best???) – we have actually 4 blankets we use (none knitted, but all soft and cozy) – one for me, one for hubby, one for Otis (my always cold dog) and one that goes under Ravin as he sheds like crazy!

  18. gail

    OOOOOh, pretty blanket. And it will be so very, very cozy. After making lots of blankets for others, I need to decide on how to make one for us. You have a great idea and great implementation.

  19. Susann

    That’s gorgeous! It’s actually the first time I like something knit with Noro yarn.

  20. Dipsy D.

    I think Noro with its colours and shades must be one of the most perfect yarns to use for a blanket – and yours is particularly beautiful, it’s going to be so amazingly cozy! Fantastic work!

  21. Adam

    The blanket is going to be gorgeous! I love the two colorways together. Although you’re going to have scratches all over your hands after knitting w/ that much Noro! ;)

  22. Guro

    I don’t know if I’m saying thank you or not; but Wow, you’ve made me want to knit a Noro Log-cabin blanket too. I have sworn off blankets, log-cabin and endless garter st projects so many times, but now I crave a blanket like that… (drat?)

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