Shop Update Today- 2pm EST

Sarah from Maisy Day Handspun and I have some wonderful new yarns and fibers to add to the shop today. Sarah sent hand-dyed sock yarns and some gorgeous plump skeins of bulky 2 ply handspun wool.

Cacao Nibs
Cacao Nibs by Maisy Day Handspun

I dyed up a mountain of Fat Sock for all that baby gear we’re all knitting, plus cushy socks, if you’re thinking ahead to winter (or wishing for it like I am!). There’s some Sock in semi-solids for your sock patterns with textured stitches, plus some bright multicolored Sock, as well. I also dyed up Bluefaced Leicester, Shetland, Merino, and Superfine Merino wools for spinning.

Bedouin Merino Fiber by Hello Yarn

*See it all on Flickr*

*Shop away after 2pm*


Thank you for all the lovely comments on the booties. I’ve started another pair in the round. They’re considerably fiddlier to knit, but not bad, and I very much like them seamless. Photos and a write-up of my mods to come as soon as they’re finished and I find tiny enough buttons.

8 Responses to “Shop Update Today- 2pm EST”

  1. wendy

    it’s 2:15, please tell me that the fat sock yarn just hasn’t gone up yet, and it’s not all sold out already!

  2. Katie Q

    Ah such artful colors. I love the Planet colorway. Beautiful. :-)

    I was hoping to score some socky yarn, but POOF! ;-)

  3. marycatharine

    I think I need to learn to spin, every time I see you fiber the itch gets worse. Why are you doing this to me?

  4. Arleta

    Those are really the cutest booties! I’d love to try them in the round. I don’t like seaming. I guess I could seam them, though, they’re so tiny! (and cute!)

  5. Meg in North AL

    Dang, missed it again! That’s what I get for going on vacation. Oh well, I can console myself by knitting on my Blows Smoke merino money socks. Loved the spinning of it, loving the knitting of it.

  6. Popo

    I just can’t get enough of those booties! You should make Shambles a pair;)

  7. Marianne

    These are adorable!

    How is the tomten jacket coming along????

    I find little kids’ tomten jackets slow to knit for some reason…and can’t imagine an adult version is easy.

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