Saartje’s Bootees in the Round

Pattern: Saartje’s Bootees (PDF)
Yarn: Hello Yarn Sock in Espresso
Needles: size 0 US (couldn’t find my size 1!)
Gauge: 8 sts. per inch (pattern calls for 7)
Size: 3″ long, smushed flat

Figure 8 cast on detail.


It can be done and it’s not bad.

My gauge was off and it’s a big sob story. Hurrying to pack some knitting for knitting group, I couldn’t find my size 1 Addi Turbo, even in a project, so took a 0 out of a sock, knowing full well it would result in the wrong gauge. Tiny brown bootie = experiment.

The actual modification of the pattern was a success. There are some bonuses I didn’t even think of, like being able to knit across from strap to strap, which means only 2 ends to weave in, if you’re knitting in one color. There isn’t much to the mod. I used the figure 8 cast on, which results in a little dent in the center of the sole. Cast on 2 fewer stitches to account for the seam allowance, and purl every other row. I kept the center back as the beginning of the round, switching from knit round to purl round there. This is a good idea because a vertical line is created by that switch and you wouldn’t want that at the side or toe. To keep the number of rows equal on each strap, that means casting off one strap from tip to center back, knitting across the other strap, and casting off from tip to center back of that strap. You’ll end up having to b/o in knits on one strap and purls on the other to keep the top edge matching.

I also modified the strap by adding 5 sts. and working a 1 row, 1 stitch buttonhole. I think next time, I’d do a 2 stitch buttonhole, especially in fingering yarn. You might be able to get a button through a one row, 1 stitch buttonhole in sport weight. In fingering, the hole is teensy.

That’s it!

There is one thing I wonder about. Since the bootie is seamless, there isn’t the same structure to it as the original. It’s more like a sock than a shoe with its stretchiness. Not sure if this is a problem or not, as there aren’t any baby feet hanging around my house to test it on.

Bohus Knitting:

I’d make another pair of booties right away, but I’m two excited by the completion of another 8 oz. of yarn for the Bohus, which means I can get back to knitting that this weekend. Hooray!

Fiber Club:

I think you guys are going to FLIP OUT over the first installment of Fiber Club 2. I walked out to see a bunch of the dry fiber hanging on the clothesline yesterday with the sun beaming down on it and started jumping up and down and clapping. I don’t think I’ve ever dyed anything so gorgeous. This will ship later next week. Wait until you see!

21 Responses to “Saartje’s Bootees in the Round”

  1. jess

    what a cute tiny bootie :)

    I can’t wait to see the Bohus progress — how much have you spun for the body / sleeves so far?

    And I really can’t wait for my August fiber club package (though I suppose I should finish up July and maybe start June)… :)

  2. elizabeth

    Man, I can’t believe I let the sign-ups get past me! I was off work and forgot about it and then it was too late!

    I just finished plying the last 8 oz. of yarn for a sweater so I know what you mean – next week I get to start swatching (the brown was starting to wear me down)! Yay!

  3. regina

    That bootie is absurdly cute. Oh my stars!

    I’m very excited about the fiber club shipment, and I’m determined to get some fat sock the next time you put it up for sale.

    Can’t wait to see how your Bohus is coming along! I’m in awe of those sweaters.

  4. PumpkinMama

    Oh my god, the torture. Would it be wrong to stalk you to get a sneak peek? ;-) Although with todays rain, I guess its all packed up inside now!

    I’m knitting an EZ baby surplice with my Cricket from May and its looking awesome!

  5. Amber

    Yay for fiber! Now I’m excited =)
    I’m thinking of trying an adult version of the booties, just for giggles, we’ll see.

  6. heather

    cute booties! Glad that they can be knit in the round too, nice way to show off some lovely yarn.

  7. Silke

    See? That wasn´t bad. It came out really cute. And at least, you FINISHED yours before blogging it ;.)

  8. Max

    Three inches is good! Would’ve fit either child I gave birth to :)

  9. maryse

    gah! what’s wrong with you??!!! teasing like that!!

    did you get a picture of the fiber on the line?

    you going to give us a hint?

  10. Valerie

    You’ve got to knit a mate for it! Or just put it in a frame and hang it on the wall, you artist, you!

  11. vera

    Love the little bootee. SO sweet!
    Can’t wait for the fibre club shipment! Yay!!! :0)

  12. Barbara

    Those booties are darling! I’m due any day with baby number 3 and I think you’ve inspired me to knit these!!!

  13. filambulle

    How cute!!!
    If you have too much of this fibre club fiber, why not send a bunch of it to take some vacation in beautiful switzerland? The fibre and I would certainly have a nice time together!!!

  14. Andrea

    I love those knit in the round! I think, where it is at a smaller gauge, the stretchiness and more sock-like qualities would work better. I also think the little bump at the bottom wouldn’t matter on tiny baby feet that don’t touch the ground.

    I always miss out on these fiber clubs. :( I have too much stash, though, and not enough time to knit n spin.

  15. Karen

    Those booties are soooo cute, as always. Do you think you could write it up in the round, for those of us who are either not smart enough or too lazy to to figure out how to do it in the round? (I’m not talking about anyone but myself.) In any case, they are lovely. I can’t wait to see the Bohus!

  16. Haley

    will definitely have to try these in the round. thanks for proving that it can be done and for teaching me the figure 8 back when i made a few of your topdown bonnets. great! your yarn is SO gorgeous by the way. love it!

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