Spinning And Norwegian Baby Hat Pattern

Spinning for the Baby Surprise Jacket did it to me. I’ve (re)discovered the joy of spinning small amounts of yarn. I have a vast selection of small bits of different colorways I’ve done in the past stashed away, and it’s lovely to dig around and find a few ounces of something lovely, sit down, and spin it up in one evening, with time left over for knitting. I’ve done three skeins of yarn in the last week this way.

Hunkered South African Fine wool
1.9 oz., 116 yards
worsted weight

Trodden Corriedale wool
3.4 oz., 190 yards
worsted weight

Pluot Corriedale wool
4.5 oz., 240 yards
worsted weight

They’re going to go live in a new home- a home with a excellent photographer and knitter- so maybe we’ll get to see what they become at some point.


The Norwegian Baby Hat’s coming right along now.

Gro, the pattern author, has graciously posted English translation of the pattern by Theresa for us all. Hooray!! If you’re in any way quick, you could have one done before I do, slowpoke that I am.

I should say, I did my decreases differently than called for in the pattern, just out of personal preference. I did *slip one purlwise, K2TOG, PSSO*. I just prefered the way it looked, and since I knit a goodly portion of this hat three times, I had a lot of time to fiddle with the decrease.

To make stitches for the increases, I knit into the front and back of the stitch.

20 Responses to “Spinning And Norwegian Baby Hat Pattern”

  1. jazz

    hmmm….excellent photographer and knitter? whom could it be? someone in the brooklyn area perhaps….

  2. Cheryl

    Hooray! There seem to be a lot of babies in the near future for friends and family – now they can have great elven hats. Thanks for the link and the translation action.

  3. katie

    beautiful yarn!

    i just ordered one of your spindle kits so hopefully someday i can make yarn as lovely as that.

  4. elizabeth

    About how much handspun did you use for the baby surprise jacket (yardage)? I’m thinking of using this month’s fiber club selection for one and wondered how much I’d need to add to it. TIA!

  5. maryse

    it’s interesting how in the pluot color, the brown so predominates in the spun up yarn. but it doesn’t necessarily in the fiber.

  6. Siri

    Yummy handspun and I just can’t wait 1) to see your finished hat and 2) make one up myself. Thanks for linking the pattern in English. It would be the perfect thing to cast on tomorrow on Norway’s independence day, but that probably won’t really happen.

  7. Amy Boogie

    Awesome hat.
    I’m excited to have a new baby hat pattern. Thank you for posting the link. Any chance you have any of the herbal colorway left or are willing to make me some?

  8. KatherineOfItAll

    Thanks for the word on the fab new baby hat. I’ll be the first on my block to knit one (I’m preggo and due in three weeks–perfetto). I love the yarn you used too.

  9. Jamisyn

    What gorgeous handspun you have! I cannot wait to get the fiber I ordered from your shop!!

  10. Peggy

    Your yarn is lovely. Right now I do not have any babies coming into my family but I think I am going to have to knit some of those adorable hats to have just in case. Really, really cute.

  11. Valerie

    Thank you for chasing down the pattern, finding a translator, and linking to it! Yay!! I love this hat! And I love this month’s club fiber–the colors balance each other so beautifully!

  12. hpny knits

    gorgeous rich colors! lovely yarns. mystery new home for them. ooh. love mysteries… wonder what they’ll be when they grow up.

  13. E to the M

    Awesome. I emailed a woman I know in Norway to see if she could translate the pattern for me but you beat me to the punch! Now I just need to find a baby.

  14. heather

    very pretty yarn! Love the baby hat, very cute! Thanks for making it available.

  15. Melissa

    Thank you for the link to the English translation, I saw your cute hat first and I was glad to hear a translation might be put up soon. Adorable!

  16. Sharon

    Could this pattern be knitted on two needles and then joined?

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