Shop Update

Go get it!

Just want to see it all? Go here.

Brrr! I hope everyone’s snuggled up tight in their warm houses today. We’re having quite the nasty weather in Boston. Makes me want to knit!

9 Responses to “Shop Update”

  1. Katie

    Gorgious yarn as per always!!!

    Today in the NC mountains we had temperatures in the teens and winds up to 50mph driving snow. I’ve been dying to knit all day!

  2. jessie

    What fantastic colors! I am not in the need for yarn, since I dye my own, but I love those color combinations; that brown has a funky calming effect on the vibrant turquoise and fuchsia.

    Thanks also for the roaster update. You saved me a wasted purchase.

  3. Karoline Flynn

    Hi Adrian,

    Your yarn is always so beautiful. You inspire me. Sincerely, Kar

  4. sarah

    It’s all so beautiful! You are making me want to knit some socks! (A small feat in and of itself, I must say…)

  5. gwen

    What is that colourway and why don’t I see it in your shop???

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