PSA For Dyers

Don’t buy these roasters for dyeing!

The enameled (?) metal insert can’t withstand it. I could tell not long after I started using these for dyeing that the finish was dulled, but today saw that the insert is rusting and the finish is coming off in chunks. Not good!

I used old-fashioned enamel turkey roasters- you know the black or blue with white spots?- for years without the finish being damaged, so I don’t think all enamel should be shied away from for dyeing, just this particular product. I’m sure it’s fine for cooking food, though. Cripes, there might have even been some warning about acidic foods in the paperwork, had I read it.

They do make these with ceramic inserts. Thank goodness! ETA: BEWARE! The liner in this is enameled metal, just like the roaster above. :(

7 Responses to “PSA For Dyers”

  1. elizabeth

    My Hamilton Beach is doing fine so far but I haven’t had it that long. I hope it fares better than your Rival! Can’t wait for the update!

  2. Monica

    I think I have the same model, and I’ve had the same problems, though not to the same degree (no chipping, but dulled surface and rusting on the lid). I’m sure you’ve used yours more than mine. Have you used or seen the one with the porcelain well? Do you think it would fare better?

  3. frecklegirl jess

    I love those old fashioned roasters- my mom has a huge one that would be a great size for dyeing. I still want to try it but I am learning spinning right now. One thing at a time. :)

    oh yay- update!

  4. jenn

    Ive had this happen to enamel pans, but it’s not happening to either of my crock pots (one old one new)

  5. Arleta

    Ooh, that’s good to know. I just finally got some acid dyes, and I’m looking at the slow cookers.

  6. Madame Purl

    My Hamilton Beach is doing pretty good too -no rust spots so far. Really though it’s the microwave that’s been getting most of my attention. The nuking seems to make things go much, much quicker.

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