Finished Object: Mark’s Thrummed Mittens

thrummed mitten

thrummed mitten

thrummed mitten

The Facts:
Yarn- 4 oz. of hand-dyed chunky weight wool (coming soon to the shop)
Thrums- 2 oz. hand-dyed South African Fine Wool top
Pattern- my own, sized to fit Man Hands
Size- large adult- 12″ long and 10.5″ around on the outside, to fit a hand that’s 9.5″ around and 8″ from wrist to tip of middle finger
Needles- size 8 US 40″ long Addi Turbo for magic loop knitting
Started Knitting- February 17, 2007
Finished Knitting- February 18, 2007 (I knit one each evening. These are fast!)

These are WARM! They’re also super puffy. They’re the kind of mitten you wear when you don’t need a lot of dexterity. If you’re going for a walk or accompanying your little dog out in the yard, these are the mittens for you. Since Mark and I don’t let Shambles go outside by himself, you can count on seeing us standing out in the yard, freezing our butts off, about 8 times a day. It’s kind of brutal in the winter. The dog moseys around in what seems like slow motion as we jump up and down, trying not to freeze to death. These mittens are going to help.

I’ve got the yarn for mine all dyed up and drying over a radiator (one of the few advantages to 10 degree weather is that the radiator dries yarn quickly), since I cannot wait to knit and wear them.

ETA: Thrumming tutorial coming soon!

ETA 2: Bloglines hates me so much!

23 Responses to “Finished Object: Mark’s Thrummed Mittens”

  1. Lindsey

    Do you know of a good thrumming instructions/tutorial on the internet? I desperately want to try it but can’t seem to find how you do it…

  2. Arleta

    Ooh, those do look so nice and warm! Our dog, Ein hates going out when it’s cold, and so do we, but oh well, you do what ya gotta do. :)

  3. Adam

    Ooooh, I’m in love! They look so warm, and the combination of colors in your hand-dyed yarn and roving is smashing. I’m with Lindsey, any good thrumming links online? I’d love to make myself a pair, although winter is coming to a close here in NM, so I probably won’t need them for a while!

  4. Jennie

    They are awesome — even the colors are warm. Can’t wait for the tutorial. I’m mitten obsessed right now (cold weather will do that to a girl!).

  5. Jessie

    Oh, those are wonderful! I went out to get lunch and buy buttons after reading this post, and my very cold hands made me just think about thrummed mittens the entire time. I love the colors!

  6. shelby

    OMG…I so just want to curl up and NEST inside those mittens. Sooooooo cozy and soft and warm-looking…*purrrrrrs*


  7. Marlena

    Wow, your thrums are MUCH NEATER than mine. I wear my thrummed mittens for a total of about two weeks each winter, when the temperature dips below zero.

    I love the colors you used!

  8. Sammi

    those crack me up :D the inside out mitten just had me giggling, no joke, but man I bet they ARE warm! I’d make some, but Central Texas, I’m lucky if I get to wear my Pirate mittens … thrums would merely be an exercise in artistry ;)

  9. Corvus

    Those look massively, impressively, deliciously warm. I could have used some earlier this winter (though I’ll bet we still have many, many bone-chillingly cold days left, I’m on a vet-bill-inspired stash diet). I’ll have to make some for next season.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Kara

    They look perfect for a cold afternoon – I imagine ice skating on a pond with a sweetheart, one puffy mittened hand holding on to another.

  11. natasha

    that is so damn cool! you are a knitting, spinning, all things fibre rockstar, lady! holy crap. you blow me away. the mr. miyagi of fibre. the picasso. the donald trump. but with way prettier hair.

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