Server Slowness

As you may have noticed, the server I was on for the last couple of months was getting a little slow. After the log jam during the shop update yesterday, when I couldn’t even get on the site to add items, let alone allow people to purchase them, which is the name of the game around here, I packed up and moved to a new server overnight. The DNS settings need to propagate before the secure portions of the shop work properly. My email is also affected- they may bounce. Don’t worry about info being secure or anything- if you try to go to a secure page and the settings still haven’t caught up, you’ll get an error page. I’ll make another post when things get sorted.

I’m sorry for the hassle! Hopefully, this will solve the slowness problem. It seems to be. The blog is loading lickety-split.

4 Responses to “Server Slowness”

  1. Lindsey

    That sounds like good news! I expierenced the same issues yesterday but I was lucky enough to get the new items I wanted in my cart before the site started acting up, :).

  2. Valerie

    And the shop is now loading lickety-split as well. Yay! Now that’s taken care of, Tomten?

  3. stacey

    I am so glad to hear it – I have a gc burning a hole in my pocket and I was dying to get something Tuesday – so I’ll be stalking on the 24th!!:)

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