Shop Update Today

It’s just a wee one. Today at 2pm EST, here.

We have Sock, Fat Sock, and hand-dyed spinning fiber from me, plus Merino laceweight and handspun goodness from Sarah of Maisy Day Handspun. You can see it all here before you shop here.


I’ll be back tomorrow with a Tomten sleeve. My short-rowed shoulder (instructions from Jared) worked out beautifully. Jared, the Tomten and I love you! Poor Jared. I have to flatter him (kiss his ass, whatever!) because he’s done with his jacket and has been waiting for me to finish mine FOREVER. What a peach!

4 Responses to “Shop Update Today”

  1. cedar wallace

    I love those colors, did you hand paint that yarn, what an array of stunning yarn…cedar

  2. Amber

    Mmm, I can’t wait for the chance to sign up for the fiber club this time around! :)

  3. merete

    omg i cannot wait any longer to see your tomten in action. jared’s is amazingly beautiful and trendy. and i actually don’t think many patterns compare to tomten. nothing is cuter than a baby wearing tomten and now i see adults looking fashionable in it too. wow.

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