Knitting Update Plus

Thanks so much, everyone, for your patience during the server move. No one even yelled at me, which was so nice! Everything’s working perfectly now and faster, to boot. I’m sure there were plenty of people swearing at me under their breath on Tuesday, but they kept it to themselves, and I’m thankful.

This is the last weekend for Fiber Club renewals. On Monday, I’ll open the club up to everyone.

Onto knitting, which seems to hate me lately. I’ve ripped and re-knit the Fantom Bohus sweater’s yoke twice, the last time due to a big math error (so lame- calculator, Adrian!), but I love it to bits now.

Click for big popup, so you can see it all well.

I had to change the order of the colors around a bit this time, because I changed the pattern to be more subtle and the transitions turned out to be too hard to see in the original order. I’d wanted the colors to go from lightest to darkest down through the yoke, so it looked like it was fading as it went up, but the way it is now is a good compromise. The vertical stripes add so much to the design, I think, so I’m really glad I ripped and re-knit.

I discovered when I tried this on that even though the bright, limey green is the softest yarn in the yoke, it’s really not soft enough to touch my neck. The neck is going to have to be lined. I have a cone of cashmere fingering weight so now the fun of dyeing it to match can be had.

Oh, Tomten, my Tomten.

This sweater really hates me. This is short row shoulder #2, and it’s still a little off. Jared helped me out immensely with this shoulder, and the idea is spot on, but the fit isn’t great on me. I will forge ahead with this. Do not fear. More math will be done. Since I’m using chunky yarn, at least the miles of garter aren’t that much of a chore.

Have you seen Jared’s Tomten? Go look. It’s glorious. This will all still be here when you get back.

In super exciting news, another friend of mine is pregnant. More baby knitting!!

15 Responses to “Knitting Update Plus”

  1. Francesca

    Your Bohus sweater is going to be glorious. I will gladly adopt it if you dont feel like lining it. :)
    BTW, are you using one of the designs in “Poems of color” or making it up yourself? I tried to figure it out, but I guess I don’t have enough caffeine in my system.

  2. Siri

    I made a tiny tomten for R when he was a baby and it had huge, I mean HUGE, shoulders. There’s definitely something a little off about that pattern.
    Lining a sweater? Interesting. Never thought about that possibility. Curious to see how you go about it. It’s a good idea.
    I just clicked on the “Yarn School” link yesterday and poked around there. I want SOOOOO badly to come play there. Realistically, it’s just not going to happen but maybe if you do it again next year? Please????

  3. beth

    The Bohus is so great! I love the colors you are using and it too me a little while to realize how you had changed the color pattern so I think it still reads as the gradual color change that you were looking for. The colors are so deep – really striking.

  4. Adam

    I love the Bohus yoke, I think it’s a winner this time! And I know that your Tomten will be every bit as amazing as Jared’s once you figure it out. I keep checking his page 50 times a day, hoping that maybe if I look at it enough, one will just knit itself for me out of the ether. No luck so far, but until then I’ll keep fawning over both yours and his!

  5. whitney

    That Bohus collar is gorgeous, just utterly gorgeous. The colors remind me of a sunset.

  6. merete

    wow it looks great. i am in love with those yoke sweaters and colourwork is just such fun. the tomten looks great too, but if you say so there is probably something wrong with the shoulder. i am so so curious to see it done because i have so much wool to do a similar one. jared’s is amazing. he is a great mathematician, a great photographer and such an inspirational knitter. as yourself.

  7. Peggy

    The Bohus is looking beautiful, the colors are wonderful. Sorry the Tomten is giving you so much trouble! The pic you showed looks like some amazing short-row gymnastics, just decreasing a little too quick at the top. Better luck soon!

  8. chris

    The Bohus is just stunning so far. And the Tomten – I’ve been lurking and watch you and Jared knit these – it’s been inspiring!

  9. Max

    In LOVE with the Bohus! The colors are absolutely perfect.

    That sounds kind of lame. The truth is I’m dumbstruck. Bohus pretty.

  10. hpny knits

    the yoke looks beautiful! I find most yarn to need a lining- a soft merino or alpaca silk will do the trick! and a well chosen color will enhance the whole look.

  11. Beth S.

    Sigh. I just love your Bohus. Love it, love it, love it. Each time I see it I love it more…

    Are you anti-turtleneck? That would solve the itch problem very neatly. Or is this sweater meant to be a next-to-the-skin knit?…

  12. Lisa

    The Tomten is looking great. I’m in the thick of one right now, and am trying to avoid a frumpy outdated, so I am tapering the waist also. Can’t wait to see the finished piece and read about it to spur me on with those acres of garter stich….
    Thanks so much for showing the progress!

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