Pulse Warmer Prototype

mushroom pulse warmer

mushroom pulse warmer

It’s not perfect yet. I’ve got to keep the red and black steek stitches in at least by one stitch, so they don’t peek through when the button band stitches are picked up, and the button bands need to be slightly narrower, but it’s a good start.

The buttons, stolen from the ill-fitting neck warmer part of the Highland Norsk sweater, are PERFECT on this. I fretted and fretted all through the knitting that they would be too large, but they look great.

I got the buttons at Bea Ellis Knitwear (A++ service), but they have more styles here (I’ve never shopped there). If you have, let me know. I’m sure I need more troll buttons, now that I’ve used these.

Pattern to come, so find some buttons!

28 Responses to “Pulse Warmer Prototype”

  1. hpny knits

    this is fab! colors all work, the buttons are awesome! don’t worry about the tiny bit showing (even with glasses, I hardly see it), the fabric is dynamic and will shift some- its perfect.

  2. frecklegirl jess

    Love this! Soooo cute.

    I have a special place in my heart for mushroom stuff- maybe too much Mario Brothers as a kid?

  3. MJ

    Oh, it’s very cute! I love all things mushroom/toadstool. Makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, actually.

    BEK’s customer service is excellent–emails are answered immediately. You could probably call them. Get a color card, best way for colors.

  4. Katie

    That’s awesome! I LOVE cute little mushrooms and trolls. This would be a perfect coffee cup warmer…hmmmm. And thanks for the button resource.

  5. Amy Boogie

    Very cute and then it made me take a look at your flickr files and I want the scones now. :P

  6. stacey

    those buttons are so cute! I looked at them for a minute trying to figure out what they were!

  7. jess

    I meant to comment on this yesterday — love it, Adrian! Love the pattern + the buttons! So cute.

    [and like frecklegirl jess, I too find myself thinking of Super Mario Bros… heh!]

  8. Pat

    The cutest wrist warmers I’ve ever seen…and those buttons!!!

  9. Amelia

    The buttons so match the mushrooms! so cute! (Did you say steek? eek. But a wrist warmer would be a great steek-warmup exercise!)

  10. Sonya

    Never was there a better marriage between button and knitted item. Brava!

  11. alice

    so awesome. now I’m eagerly awaiting the pattern, but I know I’ll have a hard time finding buttons that cool…. :)

  12. Siri

    The perfect mix of button and design! I’m with Loribird above, the buttons would be great on a baby sweater, but then, so too would be the mushrooms! The only problem would be choosing whether the mushrooms would be best in red, brown, or green, or maybe even white on another color.

  13. Mandy

    Oh good heavens, those are wonderful. How inspiring and happy-making. :)
    I have a little stash of pewter troll buttons, which I bought here:
    They have 5 different styles of trolls, and I was very happy with their service. :)

  14. Jennifer

    The mushrooms are terrific. I love them. I could imagine this motif on a baby sweater. And troll buttons – awesome!

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