Thinking About: Purl Bee’s Treeline Striped Cardigan

araucania nature wool
Araucania Nature Wool Worsted in colors 19 and 35

I used this yarn in a recent design project and loved it so much that I bought some for myself. Over the weekend, I came across Purl Bee’s Treeline Striped Cardigan pattern (pattern here). Those stripes! The stripes are so fine and mottled that they look hand-drawn. Must have, in the same colors, even, which is rare. I’ll definitely add some waist shaping, and I’m not sure about getting gauge, but that’s about it for changes. It’s lovely just as it is. Let’s not mention that half of my shirts and socks are striped, and that I might be getting a little carried away with this lately.

mushroom pulse warmers

The pulse warmers are coming along nicely but slowly. Work has nipped away at my knitting time until it’s almost become nonexistent. This must change. On Saturday and Sunday night, I planted myself on the couch and knit for hours and hours: long enough that limbs fell asleep and I had a limp when I finally did get up. Tea and cookies (love them) were consumed, and really excellent movies were watched. I’m slightly embarrassed about my love of the last one, but might as well put it out there. This is where you realize that I might be a little screwy. :P

There’s a shop update tomorrow, with handspun and hand-dyed yarn galore, plus lots of turned wood tools from Maisy Day Handspun. See you then!

12 Responses to “Thinking About: Purl Bee’s Treeline Striped Cardigan”

  1. stacey

    we all have our movies we’d rather not publicize we love… :) those cookies look way too yummy…

  2. Ruth

    I love the Araucania Nature Wool, too. Not sure why there’s not more praise for it out there in blogland.

    Thanks for the cardigan link. That’s a really nice knit!

  3. shelby

    Dude, I loved Crank!! I was skeptical when Mark pulled it off the shelf and requested we watch it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Pat

    Thank you for the link to the beautiful striped cardigan – I am printing off right now!!

  5. Melissa

    Those pulse warmers are seriously cute. Now I want to make toadstool stitch markers when I get home. I’ll have to make myself a note.

  6. Faith

    What a great cardigan! Thanks for the link- now I’ve got to do that arduous “I can’t afford the best yarn for this sweater” google search. gee wiz.

  7. knitizen

    oooh very nice choice of yarn. i have a ton of NatureWool looking for a project. so i am gonna knit this right along with you. of course, being such an ADD knitter, i’m sure i’ll never finish. But please post progress to motivate us slackers!

  8. tiffany

    Your wrist warmers are just sooooo you and that is such a good thing! Nummy cookies, movies, tea, knitting and a sweat spot on the couch… what more could one want for! Happy knitting!

  9. alison

    Oh, how I love those pulse warmers! And ohhhhh, how much I’d love to knit through three movies in a row…

  10. MJ

    Stripes are *always* a good thing, and that is a classic color combination. I’d knit that. If I wasn’t getting busy with my Diva!!! :-)

  11. Karen

    I have the same yarn to knit this sweater (well, color 19 is on its way, but I already had 35). Would it work to knit the body in the round and steek it? and add the bottom ribbing after the steeking? It seems like it’s basically an Elizabeth Zimmerman EPS sweater knit bottom up, and I would think the Nature Wool would be sticky enough for steeking, although I’m not sure about the kidsilk haze. Do you think this would work (since you have done steeking, and I have not)?

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