Potholder Swap Potholders

Woot! I’m done! Between practicing my crochet and trying to settle on a pattern for the swap, I must have made 10 potholders, so when it came time to do my 5, I was kind of sick of them. Great behavior for one of the hosts, right?

It turns out this pattern is super fun and I started a 6th last night, just because there was one more color combination that I needed to do.

Pattern: Old-Fashioned Potholders by Cathy Irish (rav link)
Yarn: a mix of Tahki Cotton Classic and Elann Sonata, 66 grams per potholder
Size: 8″ across
Hook: 2.5mm
Extras: plastic drapery rings
For: The Swap!

Verdict: AWESOME! This is a totally simple pattern that lends itself to stripes and fun color combinations.

These potholders have 2 identical sides and are crocheted together on the last round.

White plastic drapery rings are used for the loops. When I got to the end of the joining/ last round, I did single crochet around the plastic rings and slip stitched through the first stitch.

These are heavy duty potholders. There’s no chance a finger could poke through and be burned.

These were very wonky until they had a visit from a steam iron. Don’t freak out if you make them and they won’t stay flat. Give them a good smushing with an iron.

Stuff I Love:

Toddy coffee: I’ve been making mine in a 1/2 gallon jar, straining through first a regular mesh strainer to get out the big bits, then through a fine tea strainer back into the original, now washed, jar. We drinking it iced, 1:1 with vanilla soy milk. I can’t believe it took me so long to try this. It’s excellent!

Mimobot mimoShroom: My new project is going to be to put all of my recipes into this little flash drive, rather than printing out recipes from the internet. Since getting a Dell Mini 9, it’s been super easy to cook from a recipe on the screen.

: I’ll be at the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair both days this weekend, shopping, visiting, and helping out AmyBoogie/Spunky Eclectic at her booth. I won’t be selling there, just visiting. Say hi!

27 Responses to “Potholder Swap Potholders”

  1. Lisa

    OH SO COOL you’re going to be at MASW. I’m driving up for the day on Sunday!! I will drop by to say hey. Pray for good weather.

  2. grumperina

    These are every kind of fabulous!!! The colors are incredibly vibrant. I need to finish up mine, pronto.

  3. whitney

    Gorgeous, gorgeous potholders!

    How are you liking the Mini 9? I am seriously tempted to get one once I replace my dying Powerbook with a desktop, so that I still have something portable.

  4. melseyknits

    Yay! I will also be at MASW on Sunday, and I can’t wait to meet you! :) My mom is also excited to meet you because she was the recipient of some Fiddlehead Mittens I knit for Christmas last year. Don’t be surprised if she brings them even if it’s warm. Hehe! My mom is so cute ;)

  5. mai

    all of those potholders are GORGEOUS! whoever gets those in the swap is really lucky :)

  6. Brooke

    I love toddy! I haven’t started yet this year, but have been thinking about it constantly. You’ve inspired me. Thanks! ps. the coasters are totally adorable!

  7. melissaknits

    I loove them. Mine are done, but I’ve been an utter slacker about posting them.

  8. Amylynn

    Oh, my gosh these pot holders are gorgeous. I am a little rusty on my crocheting going to pass along the pattern to my mother. Great color combo’s!!!

  9. Katherine of it All

    Super cute potholders. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I love the cold-brewed coffee. The low acidity makes it easier on the tum too.

  10. Katie

    The mimobot is too cute! What an excellent place to store your recipes.

  11. Mrs MJW

    Your potholders put mine to shame. Lovely colors…so bright and cheery!

  12. sixtyfour

    those are so cute and simple! i haven’t taken part in this swap, but i just wanted to say, stumbling across the group blog made me pick up my hook again, and i gave crochet another go :)

  13. Caroline

    Love the potholders in all their color combinations. I also am a huge toddy fan since last year! I actually just use my french press to make the concentrate, then strain into a mason jar which I keep in the fridge. I drink it with homemade almond milk or regular soy milk.

  14. Christina

    You. Evil. Woman. And I need a flash drive too.

    Okay, I’m not keen on crochet at all, but those potholders are nice. Love the colors. Is that yarn a single? Looks shiny.

  15. Felicia

    Hey Adrian! Could you post on the swap blog for me? My potholders arrived and they’re wonderful. Post up on my blog. Yours are great – I’ll have to check out the pattern for myself!

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