May Fiber Club

Hi, all!

May’s fiber is on its way right now. I hope you all love it!

Want to see it?

This is a fiber I’ve done before for the club, but it came from a new source and it’s quite different from what I usually get. It drafts like a DREAM, so should be a fun spin for everyone. It’s a great middle-of-the-road wool that would be suited for a variety of projects.

I dyed some extra fiber this month and will make it a point to do so in the future. There’s a limited amount, but if you’d like some more of this month’s fiber and are currently in the club, let me know at It’s $15 per 4 oz. bag and I’m happy to ship it with next month’s club to save you shipping.

It’s a sad post without any photos, so would you like to see the baby chipmunk we saw in our yard the other day? I thought so. :)

Baby Chipmunk


I’ll be back with photos of Mr. HelloYarn in his handspun striped vest as soon as I can get him to pose, hopefully tomorrow. I’ve been letting finished projects pile up. Whoops!

16 Responses to “May Fiber Club”

  1. Valerie

    Ohhhh pretty! Does one have to part of the club to purchase some of the extra fibre?

  2. Cynthia A

    Awww…isn’t he just so adorable? We don’t have chipmunks on the west coast, but I did where I grew up, so I miss the spunky little things!

    Eagerly awaiting club to head waaay over here ;)

  3. Riin

    Oh! Such a cute chipmunk! I see lots of chipmunks where I live (and I’ve been seeing little kiddos lately), but they never sit still long enough for me to take photos. Honestly, they move so fast, I think they teleport.

  4. Mary

    OMG!!! The chipmunk!!! So cute!!!

    (Oh, and emailing you re: the extra fiber, if there’s any left.) :-)

  5. molly

    Ok, when I saw the picture of this month’s fiber, I rubbed my hands together like a greedy old man. Or Gargamel with an evil plan.


  6. LM

    Do baby chipmunks wear sweaters? Cuz he would be adorable in one.

  7. Max

    OMG – I love him. Or her. Extremely cute.

    Did you know the chipmunk is my power animal? Yes.

  8. Laurie

    I love me the chippers, and that one just is more than adorable.

  9. Cathy

    OMG! That little guy is so cute I can hardly stand it!!! Hmm, if he were in my yard though, his life span would be about 2 minutes long, as Sam would be on him SO fast. I regret that I’ve never been able to teach Sam to appreciate the wild life in the backyard from a distance!

  10. Amber

    How is it possible for something to be so tiny and cute?! I love that little guy!

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