Finished Object- Baby Pants

These were such a fast knit I’m busting them out only after they’re finished.

*held by man hands to accentuate tiny adorableness*

Pattern:Alison Hansel‘s Baby Bell Bottoms (great pattern)
Yarn: Hello Yarn Fat Sock in Herbal- 2 skeins, with enough left over for a bonnet, hopefully
Needles: size 5 long Addi Turbo for magic loop
Gauge: 5.5 sts. per inch

I changed the gauge on these slightly, aiming for a 6 mo. size, and ended up with a 17″ waist, rather than the 16″ the pattern gives. An inch was added to the length, as well, by knitting to 11.5″ where the pattern instructs knitting to 10.5″. These were worked totally in the round, instead of knitting the legs flat and the butt in the round, since I use magic loop for everything, anyway. I didn’t even subtract the seam stitches (whoops) and where the pattern calls for binding off 2 edge stitches on two rows at the ends of the legs, I just put the 4 stitches on holders and wove them together at the end. Worked like a charm.

Who wants to knit me a pair?

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  1. Linda

    Ok, you’ve gone and caused me to add to my “to do” list again. I think I have to knit these to macth the BSJs I’m starting…for twins. Your bell bottoms are beautiful, thanks for the inspiration, again.

  2. Peggy

    Full points for adorability. Those are darn freakin’ cute!! Love the yarn. I wish I had babies to knit for! My kids are too big for this kind of wee cute knitting. Maybe I’ll make some for me…

  3. Valerie

    Ohhhhhhhh. They are SO CUTE!

    Maybe you could get the knitter of the giant glove/hand-chair-cozy (Needles and Hooks blog) to knit the pair for you.

  4. Zonda

    Cute! I like the ML idea too! Did you knit the legs at the same time(can’t figure that part out) I would love to make mine this way. Thanks!

  5. Karen

    Those are soooo cute. I love the caption beneath the photo! I have a baby at my house that would fit them perfectly…. :)

  6. carrie

    Ah, so cute! Can’t resist the cuteness! I like to knit with two circs so I don’t have to deal with seams, too. Very nice!

  7. Tamara

    Very very cute! I think it’s particularly fitting that the yellowish color pooled right around the ‘leaky diaper’ area between the legs. Makes them even more adorable! :)

  8. stacey

    heeee! those are so stinking cute!! they look even better in the stripey yarn!

  9. larissa

    Veeerrrryy cute. I really like the Herbal. And I can’t help but notice you’ve been knitting lots of baby stuff. Are you trying to tell us something? :-)

  10. Juli

    Love. Them. That is a great colorway. I love baby things in non-baby colors. What’s the rest of the tattoo on that right hand look like?

  11. sabrina

    Okay now those are just too darn cute. I love that you had man’s hands to accentuate the cuteness of it all! Nice work!

  12. Crystal

    I got the yarn! Gorgeous stuff. Also, your layout is loading weird for me. Eeek! I hate messing around with themes… it’s so confusing!

  13. kerry

    So sweet they make my teeth ache! Did you start them in the round from the waist down, or did you do it from the legs up?

  14. Stacey

    Oh my gosh I HAVE to make those pants for my son!

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