New Project: Baked Alaska Romney Sweater

I spun like a maniac last weekend, and managed a big old batch of yarn out of the tails left over from the October fiber club.


became this-

became this-

^^^This photo is deceiving. That is a really big pile of yarn.

This stuff? It spins like a dream. I was filling 6 oz. bobbins like they were nothing. Romney, Romney, Romney!

Romney wool (from combed top)
2 ply
12 wpi
989 yards and 1 lb. 7 oz. total
spun and plied at 11:1 (If I don’t record that stuff here, it doesn’t get recorded.)

This is a heavy, kinda scratchy yarn. There should be enough here for a sweater for me. If not, I’ve got some more of the fiber. Now, just to decide what type of sweater to knit. I was thinking just a plain raglan pullover kind of like this, but maybe I need a buttoned cardigan with a big ribbed turtleneck-type collar, kind of like this shape, but with buttons. ???

The voting’s started over on Flickr. Some people really know what they want!

12 Responses to “New Project: Baked Alaska Romney Sweater”

  1. pamela wynne

    Love that yarn, so much. I already weighed in over on Flickr, but I vote cardigan.
    And thanks for the link — I *wondered* why all of a sudden folks were favoriting that old photo. :)

  2. Crystal

    That’s gorgeous! What about The Buttony Sweater? That’s on ravelry. I think it would be ADORABLE with this yarn :)

  3. andrea

    WOW. That yarn is luscious. I love the pops of light blue. Can’t wait to see what it looks like knitted.

  4. kimchi

    wow. that is some yummy yarn there!
    i can’t wait to see what you knit it up into!!! soo prettyyy…

  5. Max

    Whatever you do with this, I’ll be on the edge of my chair watching. Your work is such an inspiration to me!

  6. Katherine Allred

    I’m an idiot, but at first I thought you were referring to Mitt Romney, and I was shocked. As I rather dislike him, I was glad to find I was mistaken. In any case, the yarn is yummy.

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