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Burnt Offering

Today’s shop update day. If you’d like to see what’s going up for sale or sold out, if you’re tuning in late, visit the Flickr set. If you’re shopping, visit the shop at 2pm EST today, Tuesday the 6th.

Today marks the return of the much-loved Fat Sock yarn. I bought a TON of the base yarn, so there won’t be any shortage in coming months. I’ve also got some deeply-colored Sock, crazyspringy Shetland fiber, Merino/silk, Corriedale, and BFL fibers. Sarah from Maisy Day Handspun sent lovely handspun yarns, including more of the Spitfire I used for my legwarmers. I was mightily tempted to swipe that for myself.

After today, you probably won’t hear a peep out of me for at least a week, as dyeing of the fiber club goes into full swing. People who ordered more Mollusc, you’ll be getting that very shortly, and dyeing of more Baked Alaska will take place soon, as well. If you were in the fiber club last month and want more of the Romney, give me a shout (click the little envelope up and to the left) and let me know how much you want. It’s $15 per 5 oz. plus shipping. Once everyone’s spoken up, I’ll get dyeing.

6 Responses to “Shop Update Today”

  1. Amber

    If you dyed another batch of burnt offerings in fat sock I’d buy enough for a sweater. Seriously…so sad I missed that one, I was thinking of doing a sweater just from the fingering weight I liked the colors so much..

  2. Loopykd

    Oh my gosh! I was super busy all day and didn’t even wait by the stinkin computer! So, I go looking this afternoon when I get back and there is this pretty color with only one skein left. Not enough for socks. Came back tonight and it’s still there! I took pity! It’s beautiful!

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