It Feels Like the End of an Era

The fiber club is shipping this morning and it’s going to be the last one for awhile. It’s been great fun, and I will be continuing it, but after a solid year I need a wee break. I’d have powered through if it wasn’t for our planned move, but this has been a great excuse to allow myself to rest up a bit. Expect to see the club back for sale in July for an August-October run unless something crazy happens. I’ll keep everyone posted. Everyone who was a member this time has a slot reserved for next time and I’ll give plenty of notice so you can grab your slot.

I hope you all love the fiber I’ve dyed up this time. It’s silky, puffy stuff in colors outside my comfort zone, and what do you know? I love it. There’s a big bag of scraps I can’t wait to spin up.

Want to see? Want to see? No glove hint this month as I didn’t get new gloves after last time.

Yarn School:

It was something else, as usual. I met a ton of awesome people, saw old friends, did a ton of fun stuff with all of them, and had a great time. There’s a Flickr Group with tons of photos and a Ravelry group, as well.

The goodie bag was fantastic this year. Nikol put out a call for fiber promos and people sent fantastic stuff. Students brought their wares for the bags, as well. I even got a teacher gift! So as not to leave you photo-less:

Clockwise from upper left:
-Brooch kit from Now and Zen Yarns
-Hand-pulled roving from The Fox Hop
-Orange batt from Elyce Nicole
-Hand-dyed blue Corriedale from Sweet Pea Fibers
-Crazy pink batt from Batt out of Hell
-"Sit ‘n Spin" thong (!!!), little sheep magnets and clip from Felicia (teacher gift)
– Cuticle cream and sugar scrub from Wylde Welles Soapworks

And the bags- yellow commemorates Yarn School and sheep is a gift from Felicia of Sweet Pea Fibers (teacher gift).

The students got more, including hand-dyed fiber by me and Sarah of Maisy Day Handspun.

The underwear are killing me. (Okay, that sounds bad. I’m not wearing them. They kill me with their funniness.) Since I was one of the goodie bag-packers, I got to coordinate my fibers so that I could make one big Yarn School yarn. I can’t wait!

I got a bunch of knitting done on the plane and have a new handspun project idea that’s freaking me out with happiness, so expect to see more of me around here, including Actual Shop Updates.

11 Responses to “It Feels Like the End of an Era”

  1. Lisa

    Will club members get a chance to renew when you do your next round in July???

  2. Erica

    Have a nice “break!” Even though it includes moving, I hope you get a little chance to relax some and do some fibering for you for a change.

    The club has been wonderful and I look forward to the fall! Now I have to use your club break to catch up! :)

  3. maryse

    i have to go to yarn school one year. if only to get fancy underpants.

  4. Amy Boogie

    Have a nice break. Let me know when the move happens and I’ll bring down the truck.

  5. Shannon

    I hope you have a wonderful break! It is very deserved. But I will say that I’m already looking forward to your return.

  6. Sister Chinook

    Best wishes on your move and look forward to future fibre clubs! This will give me some time to knit/weave some of the beautiful wool from past months!

  7. kristin

    Ooooo, I am LOVING that club fiber. A pox on me for not signing up for this round.

    It was so awesome to meet you last week! I tried my hardest not to be a superfan. I was subsequently exhausted when I get home.

    (And by the by, what kind of drive band do you use? The string is all stretched out now. A pox on my drive band problems.)

  8. David

    Have a great break, Adrian! Good luck with finding the perfect home and I hope the move goes smoothly for you. xx

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