I Can’t Believe it, Myself.

I learned to crochet. It wasn’t pretty for a moment there, when I sat down with the pattern and thought “Ooh, I just wasted $5.50, because I do not understand this AT ALL.” I got back up and printed line by line instructions for each of the stitches needed and went for it.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how fast crochet is? I can’t believe it! Two evenings of lazy crocheting and general farting around, chatting and watching movies and there’s a scarf. I want to make a bunch of these now and have some fiber set aside to spin up a yarn with long color shifts for the next.

Here’s the yarn and the fiber from this one. The scarf is Anne, by M.K. Carroll. Ravel it.

Yarn School:

Yarn School
is REALLY SOON! There are still a few spots left, if you’d like to come. Sign-ups end tomorrow. To everyone coming, I can’t wait to see you!

Any orders placed between the 18th and 29th will ship when I return.

In case anyone was wondering, yeah, I didn’t quite manage the shop update before Yarn School. I dyed some Fat Sock, though, and I’ll get some more stuff done and ready for sale when I return because seriously, it has been so amazingly long since I dyed sock yarn! It’s pitiful, especially since it’s my favorite.

I’ll be back. :)

32 Responses to “I Can’t Believe it, Myself.”

  1. carla

    I’ve recently rediscovered crochet myself. I figured if I could do it as a kid, I could learn to do it now. I’ve been making dishcloths right and left, gearing up for a granny square afghan out of handspun.

    Your scarf is lovely!

  2. Sabrina

    I’ve been thinking about making Anne in a multi colored yarn, too, but I wondered if it would be a good combination! Now I get to see that it’s fabulous that way. Thank you.

  3. Mandy

    I know I was snarky on flickr, but this is really beautiful. Who knew?!?!

  4. Jenna

    I’m just learning to crochet myself and I’m already really excited about it. Your beautiful project is giving me the inspiration I need to keep going. I want one just like yours!

  5. Kyle Kunnecke

    I love crochet and I had no idea that I could crochet either… but somehow.. I just “did” it one day, following step by step directions… awesome, ain’t it? :)

    congrats – that’s a beautiful scarf!

  6. Amy Boogie

    Did you ever ask about crochet?no? um well, I’ll tell you now then. Crochet is fast. It also tends to eat more yarn than knitting.

    I love that scarf.

  7. Valerie

    Shhhhh! You’re not supposed to let the secret out! What was it Yarn Harlot said? Oh yes: Speed kills. You’ll have to be very careful now.

    Yarn School. Sob. I loved it so.

  8. whitney

    I love it! It’s such an explosion of color!

    I really need to get over my crochet fear.

  9. Carla

    It must be in the air or something, because I have the bug to learn crochet. I was just telling my mom yesterday about it. There is a ripple afghan on flickr that I’m in love with. Mom said to just show her the picture and she could teach me how. I feel all fumbly though when I hold a hook. Weird. Knit lace on size 0 needles? No problem. Worsted yarn on a size G hook = mess.

  10. elizabeth

    That scarf looks so much better in handspun! I might have to bring my hook out of retirement.

  11. peanut

    My sister is teaching me to crochet. I love how quickly it goes and how flexible it is (you can just make a stitch anywhere you like and create shapes and forms). She’s started me off on a cute little baby blanket but I think I’ll look up this pattern to add to my limited (but quickly growing) library of stuff I want to try :)


  12. merete

    yes it is great to crochet and awfully easy mostly. i did crochet lots of sweaters in my time and some of them looked exactly like brioche stitch. but it is yarn consuming and holding the gauge is much more difficult than when knitting. i started out a 9 with crocheting but it really is knitting is just so much more rewarding to me.

  13. razorknitgirl

    I learned to crochet when I was 16 and I can agree that it is so much faster then knitting. Hope all goes well in your new crocheting career :)

  14. Nicole

    I can’t believe that you’ve actually made me consider using my crochet hook for more than just picking up a dropped stitch. That scarf is sooo pretty! Love the colours. I might just end up learning crochet despite myself…

  15. Jodi

    Wow. Gorgeous. And I’ve previously avoided crochet like the plague.

    Everything looks better in Hello Yarn!

  16. rina

    congrats on learning how to crochet! as far as i’m concerned, your not really stitching up to your full potential until you know how to knit and crochet.

  17. m.k.

    I’m glad the pattern worked out for you! It’s a traditional lace that, as you discovered, is not hard to do once the instructions become clear – I ran the pattern by several pattern testers before publication in an attempt to get it as clear as possible. I may get the chart redone to be larger, and with arrows to show the direction the stitches are worked in. Good idea?

    Love the way it looks in your handspun!

  18. Wonderfallz

    I recently fell back in love with crochet when I went to the Japanese bookstore at Bryant Park, NYC and went through their craft section. Everything is in Japanese but the pictures and charts are the clearest I have seen and the lace is really cool and modern. If you are in NY you should check it out! I spent 70 bucks in just 10 minutes there!

  19. farmgirl

    that yarn is fantastic, and your did a super-duper great job crocheting! it is soooo much fun to learn a new skill isn’t it? especially when that skill involves yarn!

  20. Sam

    Congrats on learning to crochet! As a crocheter who finally learned to knit, I can tell you the fear and confusion knitters face of changing from needles to hooks is true for crocheters, too. I was so confused about having to use two needles and absolutely perplexed at the idea that I couldn’t just add a stitch here or there. Having to slow down so much is an adjustment, too. But now I love that I can do both crafts and enjoy the beautiful projects of both. I hope you do, too. :)

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