Shop Update Today

*Fingers crossed the server holds out!*

Shop away.

Or just look at the pictures:

How to Grow Carrots

7 Responses to “Shop Update Today”

  1. Kym

    Oh, sneaky! Perfect timing, too — when I’m feeling spendy AND my fiber stash is getting low. :)

  2. Ali

    Good grief – did all that lovely fibre jsut vanish? By the time I looked there was only yarn left… :(

  3. Stacey

    Oh my, I stumbled over just in time!! I bought fiber too – um, I don’t spin. Jared at Brooklyntweed’s handspun of your fiber just makes me have to have it! Thank you!

  4. susan b anderson

    I just got my yarn today and it is soooo beautiful. Thank you so much. I love the card, note and button, too. Wonderful, wonderful work…

    Can’t wait to cast something on.

  5. Mei

    Lovely dye work there…if I printed out money, I would shop here OFTEN! :P

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