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Saartje’s Bootees in the Round

Pattern: Saartje’s Bootees (PDF)
Yarn: Hello Yarn Sock in Espresso
Needles: size 0 US (couldn’t find my size 1!)
Gauge: 8 sts. per inch (pattern calls for 7)
Size: 3″ long, smushed flat

Figure 8 cast on detail.


It can be done and it’s not bad.

My gauge was off and it’s a big sob story. Hurrying to pack some knitting for knitting group, I couldn’t find my size 1 Addi Turbo, even in a project, so took a 0 out of a sock, knowing full well it would result in the wrong gauge. Tiny brown bootie = experiment.

The actual modification of the pattern was a success. There are some bonuses I didn’t even think of, like being able to knit across from strap to strap, which means only 2 ends to weave in, if you’re knitting in one color. There isn’t much to the mod. I used the figure 8 cast on, which results in a little dent in the center of the sole. Cast on 2 fewer stitches to account for the seam allowance, and purl every other row. I kept the center back as the beginning of the round, switching from knit round to purl round there. This is a good idea because a vertical line is created by that switch and you wouldn’t want that at the side or toe. To keep the number of rows equal on each strap, that means casting off one strap from tip to center back, knitting across the other strap, and casting off from tip to center back of that strap. You’ll end up having to b/o in knits on one strap and purls on the other to keep the top edge matching.

I also modified the strap by adding 5 sts. and working a 1 row, 1 stitch buttonhole. I think next time, I’d do a 2 stitch buttonhole, especially in fingering yarn. You might be able to get a button through a one row, 1 stitch buttonhole in sport weight. In fingering, the hole is teensy.

That’s it!

There is one thing I wonder about. Since the bootie is seamless, there isn’t the same structure to it as the original. It’s more like a sock than a shoe with its stretchiness. Not sure if this is a problem or not, as there aren’t any baby feet hanging around my house to test it on.

Bohus Knitting:

I’d make another pair of booties right away, but I’m two excited by the completion of another 8 oz. of yarn for the Bohus, which means I can get back to knitting that this weekend. Hooray!

Fiber Club:

I think you guys are going to FLIP OUT over the first installment of Fiber Club 2. I walked out to see a bunch of the dry fiber hanging on the clothesline yesterday with the sun beaming down on it and started jumping up and down and clapping. I don’t think I’ve ever dyed anything so gorgeous. This will ship later next week. Wait until you see!


Saartje’s Bootees

Pattern: Saartje’s Bootees (PDF)
Yarn: Hello Yarn Fat Sock in Herbal- 20 grams
Needles: size 3 US
Gauge: 6.5 sts. per inch
Size: 4.25″ long, smushed flat to measure
Buttons: 4 antique tortoiseshell and brass (I’m guessing here.)


I changed the gauge of these to 6.5 sts. per inch and knit the small size in an attempt to make them fit at the same time as the matching baby pants made earlier. According to this shoe size guide, I seem to have hit the 6 month nail on the head. Hooray!

Other than the yarn/gauge, I didn’t change a thing. There are a lot of seams in this, though, and as I knit the second, I pondered if it would be worth changing the pattern to knit in the round. I am so totally not familiar enough with babies and at what age they start standing, but that seam down the center of the sole might be a good thing to dispense with. These could be cast on at the center sole (as in the pattern), but with the Figure 8 Cast On and knit in the round. The only drawbacks to this are speed (because these knit up very quickly flat) and purling a row every other row. The finishing might cancel out any speed gained with knitting flat. I think I’ll make a pair to match the Sweet Baby Hat and knit them in the round.

Good News: Another friend is pregnant. That makes two more BSJs I can make!


Rewrite and New Project

I’ve begun the Great Pattern Revamp of 2007 in an attempt to make some of my old patterns not look like they were written by a new knitter, which of course they were. #1 on the list was the Felted Knitting Tote, prompted by some questions that were emailed to me this morning, embarrassing me thoroughly.

*all better*

Aw, the memories. I only wish I still had the bag so I could take a decent photo!

And oh, how I wish it wasn’t too late to change the name of that pattern. I used the word “felted” incorrectly on purpose, because it was, by then, the term that was popular in certain circles to describe fulling. I wanted the pattern to show up on internet searches, and boy, does it ever. I still regret it.

*felted vs. fulled info*

Fantom Bohus:

Knitting has had to stop on the Fantom Bohus because I need to spin more yarn. It’s making me anxious, despite the pleasure of spinning that gorgeous wool/alpaca blend, so planning of the next project has begun.

New Project:

Mark (Mr. HelloYarn) went with me to the Circles moving sale last weekend and helped me empty the store. It turns out he’s as helpless in the face of sale Rowan as I am. He silently pointed at the shelf of Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran in Thatch (color 018) and 10 skeins were purchased. He was also very fond of these buffalo nickel buttons.

So, a new project is in the works- the Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan by Elizabeth Zimmermann/Meg Swansen from Wool Gathering #63. Yoohoo over there made one a little while ago and when shown about 975 sweater photos yesterday, Mark chose this one. He has good taste.


All washed and dried and smelling delicious, off to baby.