4 oz. Challenge

It’s been a while since the 4 oz. Challenge, but I finally finished my contribution, which reminded me that I needed to post a wrap-up of the contest. We had some seriously wonderful entries, but our super duper favorite was Stacey Simpson Duke’s Sweetgum (free Ravelry download). It’s a beautiful use of just 4 oz. of handspun yarn! Seriously, how cute is she?


Our other winners were:
Valeria by Jacie Falkowski
Shelburne Falls by Rachel Brown
Albina Armwarmers by Vera Brosgol

Here’s a link to a Ravelry page with all of the submissions. There are so many fantastic ways to use just 4 oz. of handspun yarn, and many of the patterns are free!

My entry, so late to the game, is Tip Down Mittens (free Ravelry download)

Tip Down Mittens

Spun from Southern Cross Fibre’s Polwarth wool in the Boys of Summer colorway. Yarn measures 804 ypp and 11 wpi. Mittens used 3.1 oz./ 156 yards. 9” in circumference and 9.5” long. Gauge is 5.25 sts per ”. Happy happy soft soft.

Tip Down Mittens

Spun from Spunky Eclectic Corriepaca in the Orchard colorway. Yarn measures 614 ypp and 10 wpi. Mittens used 3.3 oz/ 127 yards. Mitten measures 8.5” in circumference and 10” long. Gauge is 4.75 sts. per ”. Happy happy color color!

You might remember the tragedy of two left mittens. Thankfully, I had 8 oz. of fiber and now have 2 pairs of mittens. :)


– Much sitting and knitting was done leading up to the holidays, which is always prime TV time here. We have become obsessed with Black Books, which is available for viewing on Hulu. It’s so funny that we’ve watched it two and a half times through in the last month. “Which… one of you bitches… wants to dance?” < — quote for those who’ve already watched and want a giggle.

– FOOD. I made some glorious foodstuffs over my holiday break. Salted lavender caramels, milk liqueur (trust me on this), cordials, pebernødder, salted chocolate dulce de leche tart, TV cookies (I need to make these again), dark chocolate honey lavender tart, and Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon recipe (twice). All recipes are perfection. PERFECTION. Half of the reason I’ve just listed them is to remind myself of how delicious they all were.

Salted Lavender Caramels

Trust me. Make them.

– HOLY COW, it’s nearly potholder time again. We are going to host the potholder swap again this year. I’ll be back with more info once we hammer out the details.

8 Responses to “4 oz. Challenge”

  1. Heather

    You should queue up The Book Club on Hulu. I watched that in the wake of Mr. Sparkle’s holiday party hangover (you know, the one where he passed out in the bathroom at work? No? You didn’t know? Now you do….) and am sad that there are no new episodes. It’s hilarious.

  2. Oiyi

    Beautiful patterns! I have been enjoying your food adventures through Flickr. You have been inspiring me. That milk liqueur is so cool! Yet scary, you know?

  3. MJ

    I loved looking through all the pretty patterns of the 4 Ounce Challenge. What a brilliant idea! I hope you and the others do it again, because I know I have 4 oz of some of your beautiful fiber in my stash!

    Happy new year!

  4. DebbieB

    I dashed over and downloaded the pattern for the mittens the instant I saw them on Flickr. I’ve been waiting for these since I saw the test knits popping up. Yay!

    Also, I’ve been waiting eagerly for the Potholder Announcement. I’ve watched from the sidelines in the past, but I want to play this year!

  5. virginia

    lovely mittens! I have been waiting all year to read those happy words about the potholders! I am excited!

  6. Vicki

    I’d love to take part in the pot holder exchange this time too… I seen clips of it now and again last time… gorgeous potholders!! how could you even use them?? I’d frame them for kitchen art… ;)

  7. MandaPanda

    Hi, I’m trying to find Ang who bid on my Auction to help the Queensland flood victims. The link came back to “hot pads! and potholders – the swap” and I’m not sure which member they are. I thought maybe Angharad, but can’t contact her through the blog. Could you help me?

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