Mitten School!


Want to learn to knit mittens? Want to spend a few days knitting, playing, eating fantastic food, and relaxing with fellow knitters? Join me for a special new workshop November 12-14 in Harveyville, Kansas. We’ll be knitting a new colorwork mitten pattern I’ve written that includes all kinds of fun techniques that will serve you well in future projects.


I’ll have some Mitten School treats with me at Rhinebeck, so if you see me, ask for some!

8 Responses to “Mitten School!”

  1. Vivren

    Oh!! New mitten pattern! How exciting! Will it be available to everyone after the workshop?

  2. Maria Neill

    I am in Oregon…how I wish I could be there and knit mittens!!!
    Someday…when I win the lottery, I will just hop on a plane and do things like these….
    Have fun….

  3. Mylyne

    I’m from the West Coast and am also envying those who can make it to this mitten workshop. Have you ever thought of selling a mitten tutorial for those of us who can only attend virtually? :)

  4. Ruth

    You know I’d be there if I could! Hmmm … if I could schedule a visit to my parents, then just run off to the south for a day or two …

  5. pip

    your mittens are just gorgeous… if I was a little closer to Kansas I’d be there like a shot!

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