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Pulse Warmers

I was starting to feel like I was all talk.

 mushroom pulse warmer lamullgarn

This is going to be the simplest design of the bunch, since pulse warmers don’t give a lot of space for complex pictures. I started with these, since they’re a good way to swatch for the mittens and fingerless mitts that are coming. I thought I knew what gauge to expect, even though Lamullgarn is new to me, and I got a bit of a surprise with the 10 sts. per inch that I got, as opposed to my usual 9. Thankfully, these will get button bands, so any extra width needed can be added with those.

The yarn is a very sticky fingering wool not unlike Shetland, but with a gorgeous gloss that Shetland doesn’t have. It’s wonderful stuff, especially for colorwork.

A word of review, since I received the books I mentioned in that previous post: they’re okay. The last one on the page, Selbustrikk, is wonderful, with tons and tons of very traditional-looking, intricate patterns for socks, stockings, mittens, gloves, hats and scarves. The others are larger gauge takes on traditional patterns (a lot like Dale of Norway), which is good, but not what I was looking for.


Shop Update Today

I’ll be updating the shop today at 2 pm EST. Sarah’s taking a break this week, so no Maisy Day Handspun, and I tried to make up for it (I made so much that Mr. HelloYarn’s winding sock yarn like a fiend as I type).

handspun shawl hello yarn
*shop away (at 2pm)*

*check everything out on Flickr*

The two speckly Merino spinning fibers are like going back to my dyeing roots. I missed the heathery 2 ply yarns I used to spin, so I got dyeing, for myself as much as anyone else. These tops will produce yarns like this and this.

The spotty superwash fiber will produce a yarn similar to this– a heathered yarn with much more striking colors.

In addition to all the fiber, there’s a shawl kit (pictured above), and tons of Tough Sock, Sock, and Fat Sock yarns in a variety of colors.


New Project: Noro Kureyon Log Cabin Blanket

We have this super huge ginormous sofa that Mr. HelloYarn, Shambles and I pile into every evening to watch a movie and knit (me) and play on the computer (him). I say “into” because it’s like a bed. This new super gigantic couch demands a bigger blanket than what we are currently using, so I promptly started one. It’s about 3 feet square now, and almost starting to look like something. I’ve got a lot more knitting time now, so it should go a bit faster than 2 months = 3 feet.

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

knit log cabin blanket noro kureyon

I have 10 skeins each of 2 colors- 165 and a colorway so old I can’t find an example of it online. The dark green unknown colorway had a short life as my second ever sweater. That sweater was knit before I learned that wrapping the yarn around the needle in the same direction for both knits and purls made a biased fabric. The zipper in this Kureyon sweater went from the neck to where the side seam should be, so, after a brief mourning period, it became balls of yarn again. It stayed that way for years since it’s not the prettiest colorway, but mixed with the bold 165, it’s pretty zingy, which is just what the big brown couch needs.

Both bags were dirt cheap and it’s satisfying to think of using them all up in this one project and therefore creating some STASH SPACE! You know, that I can then fill with something else.

I feel the love for this blanket already. Isn’t it just the greatest how Kureyon does all the work?