You Guys Make My Day, Too.

The Saddle Shoulder Aran Vest is coming along so nicely. All the cabley bits are done, the steeks crocheted and cut, and the bottom band has been knit 1.5 times. Despite going down two needle sizes, it still flared. I’ve gone down 2 needle sizes and decreased 10% for this second attempt. It looks good, I think, but I won’t know until it’s off the needles.

I’ve been taking lots of photos of the process of this vest that haven’t been blogged here. Take a gander over at Flickr if it interests you. I took some of one of the steeks.

You Make My Day:
I know I’ve been slow with this, but thanks so much to everyone whose day I make. Same to you!

I am awful at these types of posts, so will just share a few knitting links that I love with you.

Fluffbuff. I mean, seriously. Francesca’s knitting is outstanding. I discovered her blog, I think, looking for photos of Na Craga (this particular one of hers is perfection) and bookmarked her lickety-split.

yarnbee. Cheryl’s sense of color is fantastic! Her photos are great, and doesn’t the whole blog just make you smile?

click clack– I can’t read it, but it sure makes me happy to look!

isihi’s knitting diary– Crazypants. In a good way.

And one food blog:
101 CookbooksMake the frozen yogurt. I sure do! It’s good with honey replacing the sugar, as well.

Aren’t blogs grand?

Holy Crap, Websites Are a Pain:
Apologies to all who couldn’t access the blog last night and many thanks to those who let me know. I guess the site got too big for its britches (or there wasn’t enough memory alloted for PHP). There was the usual moment of panic, followed by the urge to contact my host, followed by the realization that I could be a big girl and look it up. Fixing it took 10 seconds. Go, me.

Mitten Kits!
Still working on them. There will be three colorways available next Tuesday. Mr. HelloYarn, the yarn winder of the family, curses the day I decided to make a kit with 7 small skeins of yarn in it. :D

15 Responses to “You Guys Make My Day, Too.”

  1. Francesca

    Thank you, Adrian!
    You make my day, too. I’ve just been bad lately about commenting, but I always enjoy your posts and your photos. Your Bohus sweater is one of my favorite things. :)

  2. merete

    i adore the banjo cable. very cheerful and would lovely on something with a moss stitch background too. and i cannot wait to use my classic elite on something for me when seeing this. thanks for telling about the button band i am approaching this stage of the saddle shoulder and having messed a lot of things up already and unfortunately i am glad that i am aware that this may cause problems. knitting the same khaki green thing for too dark winter months calls for closure. not that the upland green is much better in brightness :-)

  3. Peggy

    I love how this vest is coming along. The banjo cable is amoung my favorties. Would blocking help the bottom band stay in? When washing my sweaters I’ve strategically part felted areas so they couldn’t stretch as much as they might want to…

  4. Max

    Oh, dear! Thank you for that crazypants-indeed link to Ishi. I will be visiting often. Also, Yarnbee! She looks so cute in her Tangled Yoke.

    But more important, Wow! You geeked out and fixed yer own website! Man, it’s awesome when moments of panic are followed by the realization that you can find the answer for your own self, innit? I admire your can-do-ness.

  5. whitney

    I’m so excited to see how the vest is turning out…I really enjoyed the set of pictures of the steek process on flickr.

    Pooey, I just realized that I’ll be in class when the shop update with all the mittens happens! C’est la vie, I suppose…there’ll always be another update, and in the meantime I can vicariously enjoy everyone’s mittens via Ravelry.

  6. bwilliams

    Thanks for sharing fav blogs with us. I loved all of them. If you right click on a block of text, select Page Info, and then choose Translate to English your computer should auto translate the page. It will not get all of the text, but enough so you can get the gist of it.

  7. Jody

    The yarn you used for the vest is so great! It really brings out the cabley goodness!

  8. rachel

    Three cheers for Mr. HelloYarn! I have my own Yarn Assistant, but there’s no way I could persuade him to wind down a bunch of bitty skeins.

  9. heather

    yay! new blogs to read – thanks for the sugguestion. Looking forward to the fiddlehead mittens!

  10. Katie

    The aran shoulder vest looks STUNNING. I’ve been enjoying following it’s progress on flickr, too.

  11. Elinor

    How beautiful, Adrian!!! I’ve been mulling over that sweater myself. Tell me, when you tack down your steeks on the underside of the garment, do you reinforce them at all or just tack them down?

  12. merete

    followed every bit of advice on the button band. no flare. but the neck looks like it was designed for an elephant. so i think i have frogged 2 and a half times now. this sweater is going to be called murphy’s cardi as it seems that everything that could go wrong, went wrong. and maybe that is an okay name for a sweater with irish inspiration.

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