Something Very Bad Happened

Well, actually, a few bad things happened, all rolled into one. You may have noticed, if you tried to visit the site yesterday, that things were wonky, to say the least. That’s because 3,000 people were trying to buy 25 mitten kits. Seriously, you can’t know how warm and fuzzy that makes me feel, despite the ulcer I’ve developed since yesterday afternoon over this. :) I knew that people liked the lovely mittens, as they’ve been favorited like crazy on Ravelry, but I had no idea that all those people, their brothers, friends, fathers, and mothers wanted a kit! I thought they were all “Ooh, pretty mittens. I will favorite them.”

Because I share a server with other sites and the traffic on my site was killing their sites, as well, my website was shut down. It’s back up now, obviously, but with no change to the hosting package. So, the mitten kits are on hold. Please don’t email and ask when they’ll be available. I have a couple of hundred emails to sift through today. I’ll post here when things get rolling again.

I have some serious sorting out of orders to do, as I managed to get a few kits up, which promptly oversold while the server had a heart attack. There aren’t enough kits for everyone who ordered. My proposed solution is to re-dye the green mitten colorway, which is the one that oversold. If you ordered this colorway after it sold out, expect an email from me asking if you’d like to substitute another colorway or wait for a re-dye.

The pattern is being tested in other yarns. It will be available separately at some point in the near future. I don’t know exactly when- 2 weeks or so, perhaps. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks to all of you for your support and kind emails and interest in my yarn and patterns. I love you all to bits! I’m terribly sorry about the total mayhem yesterday. I’m going to work on making sure it never happens again.


ETA: You guys, no need to apologize! I’m the one who is sorry that I can’t make kits fast enough.

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  1. elise

    Sorry, I was one of the ones overloading the site. I feel awful that it caused you so much grief. I will try to wait and be patient in regards to the gorgeous mitten kit.

  2. Danielle

    Congratulations. Or, I’m sorry. Whichever you think fits best. Those mittens … gorgeous. Don’t underestimate yourself. And holler if you’d like help winding off skeins for the kits. We can have a winding party!

  3. Jessica

    More apologies for the overload. We’ll all have to try and hold ourselves back in the future, I guess. The kits are indeed beautiful. It was the photo on flickr of the kit all boxed up that really did it for me. Good luck with the mountains of email!

  4. Ang

    I absolutely love your yarn and the mittens are gorgeous. You are doing a great job!

  5. kim rzeszutko

    I apologize, too….I was one of the many, who must admit I tried for at least an hour with no luck! I figured something was up!
    Your work is lovely!

  6. Michelle

    That was really quite something to witness. 3,000 doesn’t surprise me a bit, because a) you’re awesome and b) Ravelry is huge.

    I hear ice cream is good for ulcers. Well, I made that up. But it couldn’t hurt.

  7. Evonne

    Congrats! That is so cool. You have really beautiful designs and projects. Who could resist? Adrian, would you ever want to take orders and THEN dye up kits, and then send them out a week later? So the supply can follow demand. I don’t know if this is something you want to consider? Just an idea.

  8. michelle

    I have to apologize too ~ I tried for an hour, but then gave up. Didn’t mean to make your server go ‘splodey! But Congratulations, I’m sorry is probably the sentiment of the day.

  9. stacey

    Wow – so glad you had such a frenzied response, I totally expected it but was long faced anyways, and mittenless:) But I can’t wait until the pattern becomes available – it won’t be as awesome, but I can live with that because you do deserve a break so you can bask a bit on all of this love!

  10. Jenn C.

    Wow. That sounds crazy. I didn’t even try, since 1. yarn diet and 2. I figured there’d be a feeding frenzy of some sort. 3000 people for 25 kits is far more insane than even I would have expected.

    I’d have an ulcer too.

  11. Julia

    Lady, you rock. I know the site crashing thing sucks, but, I’m really happy for you to have a product so in demand! The Ultra Alpaca Light Mitts will be done today, and in the mail tomorrow, then I’m totally starting a pair in Reynolds Whiskey!

  12. Knitting Analyst

    I am the stranger who accosted you during the Good Yarn sale. ;-) The slideshow of the mittens is so beautiful! Congratulations on the site going down. It is annoying and stressful, but it is a great sign for your business!

  13. Marisol

    Thanks Adrian for all that you do for us! I hope things get better soon. Like I said on Ravelry… While this is stressful and not the best situation–it is definetly a good problem to have! Your yarn and kits are in serious demand! Yahoo!

  14. b.

    So, I know it’s probably not a method that will be popular with everybody (because not everyone will get a kit right away), but what about the possibility of listing the kits as you make them up (or maybe just showing pics on Flickr?) on the blog and then asking people to post a comment indicating their desire to purchase. . .then you could use a random number generator to decide who the privileged few would be. . .I know it’s not a great long-term solution, but it might be a temporary fix until you have a chance to figure out how you want to work future updates. . .and maybe slightly less stressful than the idea of dyeing enough yarn for 3,000 kits. Eek!

  15. Marie

    Don’t have an ulcer! I’m seconding the ice cream solution for (oncoming) ulcers. Or maybe chocolates…
    Thank you for coming up such wonderful designs and making beautiful things we all covet. :)

  16. marta

    wow…coolness and complete alturism are rewarded! I’m so glad all your talent, creativity and hard work are paying off – you deserve it. I will patiently wait for the frenzy to die down then will be in the next cue for beautiful mitten kits.

  17. michelle

    Great big bummer and a huge congratulations! I could have guessed it was coming though- you should have seen my friends activity page the day you posted it to ravelry :)

  18. merete

    i hope one day to be in time for one of your kits. although i didn’t try because i don’t quite understand the time difference. otherwise i will have to make some from clara’s book. i feel a little left out here in denmark since i very often miss what the yarn buzz is all about. the box on flickr is lovely and aesthetic.

  19. Sheila

    No apologies – just congratulations!! You got a winner there! Will continue to haunt your blog – until I can purchase the pattern – and then wait patiently till I can purchase the Yarn!! Great Job!!

  20. regina

    Oh dear! So sorry that your server crapped out. Clearly, we all admire and love your work a whole lot. While something bad did indeed happen, something good kind of happened too, no? Hang in there!

  21. Elizabeth

    I really wanted a kit. It looks like I won’t be able to very soon…Darn it. I was a bit perplexed yesterday when I checked to buy yesterday after school and the site was shut down and I instantly knew it was the mittens…

  22. KarenM

    I’m sorry I missed them, but look forward to get one sometime soon. :) Congrats!

  23. Melissa

    Hey there!
    I “scored” a green kit and if I am one of the extras I’d LOVE to trade it for a blue kit if there is one available! I fell in love with the blue kit back when Nicole was testing the pattern for you. Let me know! :) Thanks!

  24. thuy

    good thing i didn’t know the kits were going on sale yesterday or i would have been on crashing the server, too. i’ll just wait until the next batch comes up. they’re beautiful!

  25. Annie

    I am one of the 3,000, probably responsible for about 20 hits. What can I say? I really really wanted an original mitten kit. I think it is bleepin’ rad what ravelry has done, though I don’t think it’s bleepin’ rad that it gave you an ulcer. Anxiously awaiting the next batch. Go you! :-)

  26. Katherine Heath

    I got to the site after it shut down, but I can’t say I’m surprised – that was one totally gorgeous pair of mittens. I was clicking over from the Ravelry ad. I hadn’t even seen the wonderful lining or other colorways. Your mittens are truly, absolutely, beautiful! I can wait. Someday I will make a pair, I just know it!

  27. Rebekkah

    I forgot about the shop update until about 4pm on Tuesday. When your site wasn’t there, I figured it was like when a store has a going out of business sale, and they sell all their shelving and fixtures, too. “Someone bought Adrian! And all her website graphics! Is that allowed?”

    I am eagerly awaiting the separate pattern. Best of luck getting everything sorted out!

  28. colleen murphy

    I am a luddite of sorts and not really a part of the knitting universe “out there” so i never realized that i was a “crasher” of the mitten party…sorry. I actually began trying to buy them on the 11th til my guy pointed out that i was a day early!
    Congratulations on your success (?!)
    They are lovely and inspiring and all manner of warm fuzzy good things.
    I’m sure you’ll have help from savvy sorts working it all out.
    Peace love

  29. sandyknits

    I want one too but I can wait. The pattern would be great when you have time. Get Mr HY to take you out to your fave place and enjoy it.

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