Treeline Striped Sleeve

The Treeline Striped Cardigan pattern calls for Manos del Uruguay and Rowan Kidsilk Haze held together, but since I had the Araucania Nature Wool already and a soft single isn’t that great of an idea for use in a sweater that I’m going to be wearing, rough beast that I am, the Nature Wool won out. A few skeins of Kidsilk Haze in Villain (eBayed) and I was in business.

treeline striped cardigan

This yarn combination adds up to much more than I ever imagined it would. The weight of the sturdy wool fabric can be felt hiding under this mist of slippery soft mohair and silk, but can’t quite be touched. I am IN LOVE. Last night, after I got the sleeve done up to about the elbow, I tried it on and petted it until Mr. HelloYarn had stared at me so long that I started to get embarrassed. This is, by far, the softest sweater I’ve ever knit. What a treat!

treeline striped cardigan

My bewbs are a bit bigger than the M/L could stretch to cover, and my gauge is 4.5 sts. per inch instead of 4, so there’s been a little bit of math, but things are progressing nicely. There will be waist shaping calculation, too, when I get there, but nothing complicated.

Too bad it’s bound to be warm out by the time I get this done, even if I crank it out in a week!

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  1. Cara

    It’s going to be beautiful! I saw the pattern on Purl’s site and was instantly attracted to it. Who cares if it’s too warm to wear? Crank up the AC and wear it around the house. ;-)

  2. nikki

    That pattern caught my eye when I first saw it. I’m looking forward so seeing your progress on this one.

  3. Rosa

    It looks lovely. I’ve always loved light blue with brown together. You may still be able to wear it because with all that snow most of Massachusetts got yesterday, then there is still a chance of cool weather to stay. Happy Knitting.

  4. Siri

    Dreamy! I’ll take your word about the softness, since it doesn’t really come through in the pictures. The colors are working well together.

  5. j a r e d

    I love how that’s looking – very interesting texture and motif with the single stripes. I didn’t really respond the one on Purlbee, but this I think I can get on board with!

  6. Mary G.

    This is going to be gorgeous — and it’s wonderful to hear how soft it will be — I need to file this for next autumn as I just can’t make anything cold-weather right now; I’m hoping we’re done with snow for a while and I KNOW I’ll bring more down if I knit a warm, cozy sweater …..

    Happy knittin

  7. Bea Apple

    I got a laugh out of bewbs too :P The sweater looks awesome, I would have never thought of pairing a mohair and a wool like that in a sweater, hmmmm, I do have 4 skeins of mohair I snagged in a LYS sale, maybe I need a new project! Great work as always Mrs. Hello Yarn. P.S. Baby Robby loves the bear I knit him out of the BFL roving I bought several months ago.

  8. maryse

    i had to read the word “bewbs” out loud before i got it.

    and we got snow last night. if you finished this sweater in a week you probably could wear it, at least to memorial day (or at least it feels that way).

    i haven’t been tempted by a sweater in a long time, but i really like that one.

  9. hpny knits

    this is a wonderful color combo. I have been a bit obsessed with brown/blue combos lately.

  10. LEO

    Wow – I am FOREVER going to spell boobs “bewbs.” That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!!!

  11. Peggy

    I love the little skinny stripes! I’m addicted to them. Blue and brown are also a favorite combo. Must knit this.

  12. Faith

    Ooh so lovely! The colors are fantastic, and it looks like a dream to knit. Do you have any plans for the frontal closure? I noticed the pattern kind of left it up in the air.

  13. knitizen

    hey speed knitter, can you knit mine for me? i’m still in the “what color” stage.

  14. Hannah

    I really hope you don’t mind if I completely copy you. I really love this jumper and hopefully it will be cold here for a bit longer although there are a lot of daffodils. And by the way I really love your sock wool- my sister got me some of pins and needles for Christmas. And whilst I’m singing your praises- great dog. sorry for going on and on.

  15. Sammi

    Oi, I hear you on the bewbs problem. I pretty much end up remathing almost any sweater I make.

    Are you getting a colorjog at the seam line, or are you compensating for it? Or do you just not care? Inquiring minds want to know! :D

  16. Adam

    Not having “bewbs”, I can’t really empathize (or rejoice? I’m not sure which it is…) with you, but I did get a kick out of the spelling.

    The sleeve looks awesome, that’s going to be one tricked out sweater. Mr. Hello Yarn might look at you weird now, but I’m sure once it’s all done, he’s gonna want to pet it too ;)

  17. WendyM

    Looks delicious. Don’t they always have such classy projects and materials on the purlsoho site?

  18. sabrina

    That cardi is going to be beautiful! I must admit I nearly fell off my computer stool at the sight of “bewbs”!

  19. Cirilia

    Quick question for you–my monitor sucks–are you using a true espresso brown shade of Nature Wool or is it almost a charcoal? I have so much Nature Wool and the colors are really close sometimes. I’m just curious, I’ve already ordered my fake Manos from in Hot Chocolate, I’m hoping it’ll look as delicious as your substitution!

  20. E to the M

    Beautiful! The colors remind me of robin’s eggs in a nest. Speaking as a girl who can’t see her own toes, I often have to do some knitting math when thinking of sweaters. (Or more accurately I usually avoid sweaters). Do you alter the increases and decreases or do you short row the bust? Or does it depend on how well the pattern will hide the short rows; I imagine that it would be very obvious in stripes?

  21. Christina

    I haven’t started the cardigan yet (whoa nellie, one sweater at a time!), but I’ll have to do some “bewb” math, too. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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