Shop Update Today!

I’m adding boatloads of new stuff to the shop today.

From Hello Yarn we’ve got Single Color BFL Lace skeins, Single Color Sock, a successful attempt at re-doing Herbal Fat Sock, tons of Sock in happy colors, hand-dyed BFL, Corriedale, Superwash Merino and 21 micron Merino spinning fibers. I’ve also bagged up lots of thrums. Sarah from Maisy Day Handspun sent Merino sock yarn and lots of gorgeous handspun, including a thick and thin called Cupcake that I want to steal and lots of 2 ply.

Come see us at 2pm EST.

PS: I think the newsletter worked! Well, at least for one of you!

PPS: The Flickr set of everything Sarah and I made for this update is here.

Thanks for all of your purchases! We’ll have to do these updates more often. :)

8 Responses to “Shop Update Today!”

  1. jess

    FYI — I didn’t get a newsletter despite having set it to send me a newsletter. Weird (and no, it’s not an overzealous spam filter). I just logged in to recheck that I was signed up and I am (username xantha, email addr

  2. Katie

    I’m so glad you dyed some more herbal. I regetted not getting it the first time but didn’t hestitate to get some now! Thanks Adrian. You rock.

  3. Arlene

    Adrian, I feel fortunate to get what I was able to order, BUT I didn’t get any “I Want Herbal”. Any chance you could dye some more?? Please!

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