More November Knittings

There are three finished objects to show today! I’ll get off that Shame Train, yet.

I’ve been on a utilitarian kick, lately, even more so than usual. We’re cold. We want warm stuff. Adrian has yarn and makes warm stuff. :)

Harrisville Striped Vest:

Pattern: made to measure
Yarn: Harrisville Designs New England Highland in Hemlock and Tundra, about 1.5 skeins each, or about 550 yards total
Needle: US 8/5mm and US 6/4mm
Size: 40″, no ease to speak of
Started: October 26, 2008
Completed: November 14, 2008

I knit this in the round, carrying the yarn not in use up the side. This has 7 stitch steeks at the neck and armholes, which I reinforced with crochet (see Eunny Jang’s article) before cutting. Edgings were picked up and knit as usual. For the v-neck edging, I decreased with a K2tog, ssk at the center point every other row. It looks nice, eh?

This yarn’s fantastic. It’s nice and dense-feeling and woolly, but it’s pretty light, so you get a lot of warmth without feeling like you’ve got this big heavy thing on. You can’t get much better than these colors, either.

Another Seaman’s Cap:

Seaman’s Cap by Brenda Zuk, our all time favorite man hat pattern
Yarn: my handspun Shetland wool yarn from my Gannet hand-dyed top, approx. 200 yards of worsted weight
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm and 6/4 mm
Size: Large
Started: October 22, 2008
Completed: November, 14 2008

Mark loves these, they look good on him, so I keep knitting them.

See that church in the background? The priest SPINS. I intend to make him my friend, pretty much whether he likes it or not. (ETA: Small world! It turns out I actually know him, already. I just didn’t know he was a priest. My plan is coming to fruition. Mwuahahah.)

And finally, leg warmers for me!

Pattern: made to measure
Yarn: my handspun Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club May 2008 selection, “Rosebud” Corriedale wool, 250 yards of 14 wpi/sport, plus some extra bit of another handspun yarn for the top ribbing, because I ran out of Rosebud.
Needles: 4? I’ve already forgotten.
Started: November 1, 2008
Completed: November, 18 2008

They’re 15.5” tall, 11” around the top, and 9” around the bottom. My calves are 15” around at the widest point and ankles are 8”. These are fitted and stay up well, but aren’t too tight, even with 4” negative ease at the widest point.

These are knit just like a sleeve. Cast on and rib a bit, and then start increasing 2 sts. per increase row with the increase rows spaced about an inch apart, until you get to the desired upper leg measurement. Work straight and do a bit more ribbing. These are knit at a firm gauge and stay up with absolutely no problem.

This is my third pair (second made for me) and I’ll keep making them. They’re comfy, super warm, and the colors make me happy. You can’t lose!


The little Ravelry logo links are courtesy of Max. Find info here (scroll way down).

29 Responses to “More November Knittings”

  1. hadley

    How lucky is your hubby? Mine is still awaiting a hat and a cardigan while I selfishly continue knitting things for myself.

  2. LittleWit

    The sweater looks fantastic as do the hat and the legwarmers. I rather like the shot of the legwarmers rolled up. I think it would be wonderful if you could get that priest to come spin with you. :)

  3. Mandy

    EEK! Please tell me how to get that little Ravelry logo in project links. That is so rad.

  4. melissaknits

    He’s a hell of a funny priest! I was going to say it’d be very easy to make him your friend, but you’ve already discovered this.

    Mmmm. Legwarmers. I made some last year with silk garden; now I cannot find them. I has a sad.

  5. Leann

    Love the legwarmers! I might have to make me some of those – It’s fiercely cold already, and we’ve still got 6 months to go!

  6. Shaina

    Everything looks wonderful! I seriously need some hand-spun leg warmers. I started a pair out of Trekking XXL to take the edge off until I got time to spin, but it’s just not the same. Maybe it’s just the wonderful fall light, but your pictures are looking especially good lately. I’m glad you’re posting again :)

  7. Shaina

    One (selfish) request: I’m loving these steeked vests that you and Jared are busting out lately…I think I get the idea, but would you be willing to give us a quick rundown as far as decreasing for the armholes and neck? Do you just decrease as you would in a normal flat garmet, but next to the steek stitches?

  8. Reve

    everything looks amazing. the vest makes me want to wear one, because they’re not mr.’s style. I love the legwarmer color too. perfect for cheering you up on those grey new england days.

    I ditto Shaina’s comment about posting a rundown on the vest construction.

  9. Loopykd

    Wonderful finished objects! I love the leg warmers! I have that fiber in my stash and never saw it spun up let alone knit up. Now I can’t wait to get to it. I’ll have to wait til I’m done my holiday knitting though cause I’m keeping it!

  10. Debbie

    Your knitting is beautiful, as is your yarn. I would love the legwarmers pattern to be written-out. I have a couple of questions about your instructions. May I email you and ask? Thanks!

  11. whitney

    I’m loving the FO parade here! Lovely knits, all of them. Much to my husband’s chagrin, you’ve inspired me to knit some legwarmers…I’m always so cold on our walks into campus from the very distant parking lot in which we grad students are allowed to park, and I think legwarmers would be just the thing to help.

  12. Melissa

    Very nice work! I love the colors in the vest! I might have to add that one to my dance card. For your leg warmers, when you where spinning the roving, did you Navajo ply? The color progression is lovely!

  13. merete

    the hat is awesome and so is the legwarmers. and it is cold here too. even the saddle shoulder aran i classic elite is a bit on the cold side.

    i know this thing about we are cold, merete has yarn. and i certainly do.

    your new place looks perfect and it is wonderful with a minister who spins. did you ever read the history of handknitting by richard rutt. he is a bishop and has written the funniest book about handknitting with a pic of himself in some kaffe fassett goodness on the cover.

  14. andrea

    Beautiful vest, I love the selection of colors. And gorgeous handspun, it looks awesome on the hat!

  15. Zoe

    Just added leg warmers to my to-knit list! Yours are just lovely, and I can’t wait to cast a pair on; however, must show self restraint and wait until holiday gift knitting is done. Two more gifts, then back to me!

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