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I’ve been knitting, but obviously not blogging, so I’ve got four (four!!) finished objects to roll out: these mittens, a handspun hat, a vest for Mr. Hello Yarn, and my Noro Taiyo sweater, which still needs to be washed and blocked. I’m on the Shame Train and am determined to get off. Here goes.

FO #1:

Pattern: Chevalier Mittens by Mari Miunonen
Yarn: Rowan Cork in Vapor- a little more than 2 skeins
Needle: size 5 US/3.75mm
Gauge: 5 sts. per inch
Size: women’s medium- about 11.5″ long, 5″ from where thumb is joined to palm and tippy top.

These are just great. I started these in worsted weight (the pattern calls for fingering doubled) and they were loose and wimpy. When I switched to Rowan Cork I hit paydirt. The gauge is TIGHT for Cork and the resulting fabric is really firm, yet soft and cozy- perfect for warm mittens. I think the gauge will help the fabric wear better than Cork usually would.

These were fun to knit and are an ingenious design. The ribbing at the wrist really nips in and makes the mittens fit so well, and the top decreases on the palm side are so attractive. Love them!

These are kind of long in the cuff, at least compared to the mittens I usually knit, so if you wanted to come in under 2 skeins of Cork, you could leave a repeat off the cuff ribbing without a problem.

Stuff I Love Lately:

Tattoos! My husband has a bunch and I have a little one from way back when, but I’ve hemmed and hawed over getting a nice big one for years. My friend Siobhan Creedon has been tattooing Mark for awhile, and I’ve seen her skill go through the roof (she’s relatively new), so when she offered a tattoo, I took her up on it with glee.

I’ve been obsessed with Scherenschnitte lately, particularly Elsita’s, and told Siobhan to go to town with her design, only pointing her in the right direction with a couple of links and my required cast of characters. She sent back a drawing that stopped my heart. A few days later, it was on my arm and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I’ll be happier when I have another one on the other arm. :D

True Blood! Is everyone else watching? Gosh, I love a vampire show.

My new spin dryer. If you dye any amount of fiber or yarn, this thing will make your week! I just used it to spin water out of some handknits and they’re barely damp. I thought our new washing machine (also love, by the way) spun an amazing amount of water out, but wow, the spin dryer goes three times as fast and stuff comes out almost dry. They make a smaller size, too, if you only need one for a single sweater at a time.

The New House- We’re settling in so well. Our neighbors are fantastic- one made me a wool-drying basket as a housewarming present and has taken me antique shopping, another educated us in where to shop for smoked meat (boy, was she right), we’ve been to a movie at the local theater, complete with bat flying around while we snacked on dollar popcorn, and the house renovations have been slow, but sure.

Fiber Club-It’s going out this week. My new dye room is fantastic. Have I shown you the sink? I am in love with the sink. I’ve got everything working like clockwork in that room. It’s small, but I laid things out very well, so it’s completely comfortable and I zoom along.

As soon as the club ships, I’ll be in there, dyeing up a STORM, I’ll tell ya. I plan on doing some Fiddlehead Kits that I’ll put up for sale in a sneak-attack fashion and a shop update, which I can’t wait to do.

I’ll be back soon with more knits!

56 Responses to “Favorite Favorite”

  1. elli

    Oh my! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

    That’s the most awesomeist tatoo I’ve seen in a long time. Lucky you!

  2. amy

    HOLY. WOW. are the only words i have for that amazing piece of blackwork. well, and also AMAZING. i am keeping that girl’s name in my list of tattoo artists i’d love to get work from someday. truly a beautiful piece. congrats! =]

  3. Michelle

    Adrian!!!Holy Cow, that tattoo is one of the awesome-est tattoo’s I’ve ever seen!

    So gorgeous(:

    I just had some work done last month. You’ve inspired me to post it on the blog(:

  4. Mel

    Very nice tattoo!
    Am looking forward to seeing what comes out of the new dye studio!

  5. moiraeknittoo

    Beautiful tattoo!! The mittens are nice as well. And I think I have the smallish spin dryer from that same company, and yes, it makes a GINORMOUS difference when dyeing.

  6. thuy

    wow – that tattoo is beautiful! really lovely design. thanks for the update on the fiddlehead kits. i so want one.

    and true blood rocks. i heart vampires.

  7. Bethany

    This post has made me feel positively covetous! I want your tattoo, mittens and your clever spin dryer.

    That has got to be the most beautiful tattoo I’ve seen in a long time.

  8. Whistlepea

    Wow! I’ve never thought of myself as a tattoo person but your is totally blowing my mind and making me reconsider them!

  9. lynnewio

    Adrian, that is the most awesome I’ve seen in quite a while. Just fabulous!

    I am also on the knitting blog shame train. I should make some time this weekend to take pictures. I think I have 3 projects that need to be blogged. Stupid lack of good light.

  10. merete

    the mittens are pretty but the tattoo is gob smacking wonderful. i do have a penchant for tattoos though i don’t think i will ever get one.
    the house and neighbourhood sounds lovely. congrats. hope i will know about the fiddlehead mits in time.

  11. LittleWit

    Looks like you have definitely kept busy. Your tattoo look amazing. :) I think I may ask for that spin dryer for Christmas.

  12. melissaknits

    I say I won’t get a tattoo. Then I see yours and I think maybe I will. it’s just so amazing. I did not know there were bats in the theater. Pekarski’s is all kinds of goodness!! You’re so local now! And those mittens are amazingly yum.

  13. regina

    I’ve seen many a tattoo in my day, but that is unquestionably my fave of all time! Wow!!

    fabulous. Can’t wait to see your other FOs.

  14. Jodi

    Marvelous mittens! Sounds like the new house and new town are treating you well. Man, I wish I had neighbors who made me baskets — that’s pretty sweet.

  15. knithoundbrooklyn

    The mittens are scruptious skwooshy wonderful.

    I’m watching True Blood and am amazed.

    Love the tattoo. I mean LOVE it. Squirrels and acorns and mushrooms! c’mon, how cool.

  16. Preita

    Love the mitts! Great color! The tattoo is beyond fabulous.

    ps I just received my order of BFL & Merino yesterday & I couldn’t be happier. I DEFFINATELY will be a return customer :) Thanks!

  17. stacey

    I love those mittens! I am working on my first straded project right now to get warmed up for my Fiddleheads – can’t wait! And True Blood, omg, I’m addicted! I took a vacation day yesterday – stranded and watched True Blood for 7 hgours straight in my jammies! That was my favorite favorite!

  18. Brooke

    I love those mittens. I made a pair and I wear them almost every day, so cozy! By the way, the tattoo is beautiful, I’m completely jealous and now pining over one just like it.

  19. grumperina

    Yeah, I saw that on Flickr… “wool-drying basket.” I plead ignorance – how exactly does one use a basket to dry wool?!?

  20. Lisa

    Hi there,

    Nice tats! I’m thinking of getting one but the decision is a big one as I’m picky and want to be really happy with what I eventually choose. I’m working up the gusto to get my nose pierced now!

    Ah, True Blood – Mega Fan here! I don’t know what I’ll do when it goes on break….

  21. Melissa Ludden

    Hi Adrian – Just wanted to make sure you got my email with the change of address for the fiber club. I’d hate to miss out on what you have in store for us this month.

  22. Siri

    Feeling the major league guilt around here, too, with projects in need of sharing piling up as well but absolutely zero light in which to photograph them and even less motivation to even try. And we all know how big a project moving and working on a house is, so please no worries, OK?
    As for the mittens, I’m loving how the plain palms are in such contrast to the more intricate cableyness of the backs.

  23. erica

    Wow, that tattoo is amazingly beautiful! So looking forward to the new club shipment and seeing all the new beautiful things you’ll be making in your fabulous new studio! Whee!

  24. gleek

    omg, i NEED that spin dryer! it’s awesome! can the water get dumped to a sink or does it stay in the unit and you dump it? (i checked the site but there was no info on that particular part.)

  25. hadley

    Your new tattoo is just gorgeous. I’m so glad you all are loving your new home, too. Two very big steps that went with great success. Lucky you!

  26. jessie

    Love the mittens, love the tat, and I’m so far behind on your blog I didn’t even realize you had moved. I’m a sucker for an old farmhouse (currently living in our third and hopefully final one), so I loved your pictures.

    The sink, ah I’m jealous of the sink.

  27. Lizzie

    Wow, that is an awesome tattoo, and so perfect for you! I’m glad you’re settling into your new home too.

  28. Monica

    Holy Wow. I am not a tattoo person, but that is some nice work she does! I’d like to know how the Spin Dryer holds up for you, with your volume of dyeing. I’d love to have something like it, but I hear mixed reviews on that one vs the Spin-X (though the price is Much nicer). You gonna flash us some pics of your dyeing studio? Besides the sink, I mean? Which is awesome, of course. :)

  29. andrea

    AMAZING tattoo! I love it, it’s really beautiful. very intricately and well done.


    i’m not even usually a mitten person, but I LOVE those! That’s an awesome cable design.

  30. andrea

    that’s an AMAZING tattoo! I love it, it’s really beautiful. very intricately and well done.


    i’m not even usually a mitten person, but I LOVE those! That’s an awesome cable design.

    ***sorry i wrote my blog address incorrectly above

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