I Totally Forgot

– to post about the shop update here! There’s still stuff. Go. Shop. :)


Or just look at it all.

I’ll be back with knitting soon!

2 Responses to “I Totally Forgot”

  1. Rebekkah

    Oh my. I love that Frosted SAF so much it hurts. Too bad I have way too much to spin and knit right now, and am not allowing myself to break down and do any comfort buying. You *will* have that colorway again in the future, right? (I trust that others will snatch it up very quickly, so I won’t let myself feel too bad about my self control costing you a sale. My loss is someone else’s lucky day, right?)

  2. Emmy

    Yay – I got some! My first hello yarn purchase – I can’t wait! :)

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