Finished Object: Handspun Knee Socks

I know. Two posts in as many days. Believe me when I tell you that there is a backlog of completed knitting here that is bordering on shameful. I’m going to try and knock out a bunch of posts. :)


Pattern: You’re Putting Me On Socks by Judy Gibson (rav link)
Yarn: worsted weight 2 ply spun from Spunky Eclectic’s hand-dyed Corriepaca in the Mountain Majesty colorway. 387 yards/ 8 oz. I used all of the yarn.
Gauge: 5.5 sts. per inch.
Needle: 3US/3.25mm


What a super pattern! I know it started as a joke, but a pattern for super plain toe-up socks is exactly what I need when knitting with handspun. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and it would stink to not have enough for that one last toe.

I followed the pattern exactly for the foot, then increased up the back of the leg, 2 sts. ever 5 rows, to 54 sts. Decreased to 52 at the top and finished with 2×2 rib. They fit like a glove. I don’t know if it’s the yarn weight, the dense knitting, or the shaping, but these socks crack me up- they look like legs!


I loooove the fiber I spun the yarn from- Spunky Eclectic Corriepaca. It’s an 80/20 blend of Corriedale wool and Alpaca fiber and mmmmm, it’s strong, shiny, and a delight to spin. It should make for quite sturdy socks, too.

Mountain Majesty Corriepaca

I’d make these socks again in a heartbeat. In fact, I am.

46 Responses to “Finished Object: Handspun Knee Socks”

  1. Erin

    I LOVE these sock! Heart them, too! Make me a pair, please! At least I know where I can go to get such amazingly cool yarn!

  2. Kyrie

    Ahhh! Love these!!! My sock goal for this year is to knit some over-the-knee red ones for myself. :)

  3. Susan

    Those are the bestest socks ever. Crunchy handspun, funky stripes, and knee-length goodness…. I’m in love.

  4. spiderlady

    OMG, slow down will you I can’t read this fast…a post a day….help me..
    i love the socks and mittens and I will have to try the peanut butter. Because you have me hooked on Nutella hot chocolate.

  5. Leslie

    What kind of technique did you use to get the stripes? They are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. misa

    Handspun knee socks must feel like such a delicious luxury. They look so cute.

  7. melissaknits

    Love love love love love!
    Also love the skirt. If I had a dime for the jeans I’ve converted over the years I’d be a wealthy woman.

  8. Christina

    Absolutely love the socks! I’m so glad you’re back on your blog! I’ve missed your inspiring posts!

  9. Karen

    Am 1/2 way through a pair of worsted weight knee socks for my niece, Bratty Girl, to wear with her ughs. Totally winged it on the pattern and only had to reknit once (although I’m ripping out a to today). Amazing how fast they go at 5.5 stitches to the inch.

  10. Bridget

    Do they stay up? Because if they stay up, I’m making them. I LOVE the YARN you used! They look like the socks that Glenda the Good Witch would wear in her weekends at the cabin.

  11. Bridget

    Or, also Saturdays in the city when she goes and visits art galleries and drinks lattes in modern places.

    These socks could go anywhere.

  12. Lucy

    Brilliant! Love them! Must finish my knee-high socks… only been on the go about a year!

  13. Hannahbelle

    Totally inspired (I have already begun spinning) to make my own, I love handspun socks. I’m never knitting the other kind again. In fact, I am so nerdy that I’m actually making a skirt out of complimentary fabric for the socks. Yes. That nerdy.

    PS – wasn’t this blog deleted? ;)

  14. Ina

    Lovely socks! The pattern is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing it! :)

  15. Amelia Sprout

    That’s it, I’m going to challenge myself to try to knit socks again this year. I even think with those I could alter them to accommodate my giant feet and calves.

  16. Annegret

    The socks look great. And the seem to be very warm – good against the cold winter weather.


  17. flyngmunky

    i LOVE these socks. i’m going to have to make some from my own handspun, and wear them in my apartment, while pretending that i and my earthy crunchy socks from the earth are living on a farm in the middle of a wood.

  18. Ivana

    I love the yarn and the socks! You are such an inspiration!
    Also, wanted to let you know I linked to you on my blog as part of the Sunshine Awards :)

  19. gail

    What wonderful knee socks–makes me almost wish that spring never comes!!

  20. Martha

    I am in love with these socks! I have been searching for knee socks patterns recently – how ironic! Now If only mine turn out like yours….

  21. Brianna

    Hey, I love these! Great blog! I just found it and I’m definitely becoming a follower. Thanks!

  22. rosemary

    Your blog starts out I have alot of knitted
    objects and will be writing about them. And then you have not blogged for four months. The trust in your statements have
    plummeted. Why even have a blog if you are not going to participate.

  23. maryse

    hey rosemary — your comment starts with “Your blog …” That’s the kicker. it’s her blog. and she can post whatever she wants whenever she wants. the rest of us are happy when she does, but don’t hold it against her if she doesn’t.

  24. gleek

    hahaha! i love a comment from rosemary. she is all sunshine and roses. why don’t you come on over to my blog and tell me how much i suck? k?

  25. LaurenC

    I cannot stop looking at these socks.
    I just want to touch them. The look amazing.

  26. mia

    Came to your blog via ravelry. I have to thank you with all my heart for the gift that is Jamie Fraser. My husband may disagree;) The socks are awesome too.

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